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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last week at The Rumble: SF @ Harlot, I was at the DJ booth with Mario Muse (who was killing it on the decks) and there was this kid there that started up a conversation with me. I was immediately struck by the amount of smack that he was talking for someone his age, and how full he was of himself. It was almost like Spencer on 'The Hills', someone you are in shear awe of because of how bold they are without fear, and something you can't stop watching or listening to because of that very fact. He mentioned he had a band, mentioned they were the greatest band in the world, and then told me they sounded like what MOTORHEAD would sound like it they stabbed BOB DYLAN in the throat. After hearing more and more about how they play guerrilla shows all over San Francisco, how the cops bust them on the sidewalks, and again, how legendary he was going to be, I simply HAD to have the music. After we landed back in LA and were cruising home from the airport, the whole FS team had also had run in's with this very same person that night, and upon hearing I had a copy of the CD, we all had to play it. The sound of his voice was honestly the very last sound I would have expected from that kid, who seemed almost hipster, but sounds more like something on Fat Possom Records. It's bluesy and raw and nasty and delightful, so he did in fact walk the walk after talking the talk. The band is called THE FEROCIOUS FEW and it's a two-piece, and I think we will be hearing more from them soon enough.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

FF are the shit. No other band in San Fran like them. stabbing Bob Bylan in the throat, yea he would say that.

except he's a f*cking goofball when he's not mouthing off.

that's what he gets for trying to play in front of H&M, pussies.

2:20 AM  

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