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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


A good week of new releases from former FS artists dropped yesterday, here are some of the highlights:

DIRTY PROJECTORS Rise Above (Dead Oceans) Myspace

In addition to these, some other recommendations are:

Love Is Simple (Young God)
Strawberry Jam (Domino)
Good Bad Not Evil (Vice)
The Ortolan (Dim Mak)
Eulogies (Dangerbird)
Where The Deer Wore Blue (The Control Group)
Stand Your Ground (P.I.A.S.)
Autumn of the Seraphs (Touch & Go)

s digital only release of 'Tonight The Streets Are Ours" single is out in the US this week and available on Itunes.
The Tracklisting is:

1. Tonight the Streets Are Ours

2. Vickers Road

3. I Sleep Alone (Live At Sheffield City Hall)

4. Coming Home (Live At Sheffield City Hall)

In the bad news department, I just read that MOHAIR has decided to break up. Great band, good guys, best of luck!

FS27's SONICFLYER had this great live review on GIGWISE:

"Next up were the hotly tipped Sonicflyer who captured hearts and blew the cobwebs off of the expectant crowd with huge soundscapes and a sound that will surely see them snapped up very soon. The Siberian brother and sister combo's songwriting was a breath of fresh air, as accompanied by their bass player and guitarist, Sonicflyer should by rights be headlining their own shows as the sound emanating from the stage was absolutely stunning. Think of a dazed Frente! With a dash of Kwoon and a pinch of Sigur Ros and you're halfway there. Shoegaze guitar lines with punchy choruses and an ethereal songstress with a penchant for late 90's indie became a winning combination as Sonicflyer soared, giving the gig the pick up it needed before our Los Angeles heroes took the stage. Brilliant is an understatement."

FS26 featured artists, THE DUDES, will be featured on CBC's 'Country Canada' satellite station, on October 3rd.

(FS06) have signed a worldwide deal with Arts & Crafts Records.

Ken Stringfellow's (POSIES, R.E.M., BIG STAR) new group, THE DISCIPLINES have released the "Best Mistake"/"No Vacancy" vinyl single and download on Weekender Records in the UK.

My favorite band from Cork, Ireland are now officially London residents. THE CLASS OF 1984 just came over on the boat, and they could use some friends in the big city, so look them up. This was taken from their blog:
"were here. clueless. newham. dock area. drunken sailors and early houses. fog horns and harlots. welcome to London class of 1984. ferry ride was calm but we were sick all the same. its tradition i think. at the bow of the ferry, arms outstretched shouting "I'm the king of the world" until we dock in Fishguard and are laughed at in a McDonald's. well boo hoo said Boo Radley. London is bigger than we last remembered. finding a bedsit to rest our weary bones is proving to be difficult because we are penniless musicians. "no room at the inn" indeed! we appreciate all your comments lately though. we will return to the classroom quite soon so be patient 84ians. music hath such charms to soothe the savage beast and soothe we shall. very soon. now i am off for a pint of bitter"
They should have some London shows lined up as soon as they find a couch to sleep on.

Finally, KUDU is heading over to Sweden with ROXY COTTONTAIL to play dates in Stockholm, Gotenburg, and some other city I can't pronounce on Sept 13, 14 & 15.

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