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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Living in LA, you always get the random celebrity sighting, from bumping into Bobcat Goldthwait at Ralphs, to passing the Olsen Twins hiking in Runyon Canyon, it's good for a laugh but I'm still a sucker for the rockers. Today I happened to meet Francois, the singer of MOTORCYCLE BOY, one of those late '80's/early '90's punk/glam/garage bands from Los Angeles, and got a real history lesson of the Sunset Strip and a reminder about what rock and roll is really about. MOTORCYCLE BOY had a cassette out on XXX Records called 'Popsicle' , which I'm thrilled to find out will be re-released in 2008. Think JOHNNY THUNDERS and IGGY POP and THE NEW YORK DOLLS, and you're getting close to the richness here. Until the reissue drops, check out the gems on their Myspace page. My favorites are "Feel It", which has been covered by many like the NEW BOMB TURKS or THE DISHES, and 'I Hate The Sunset Strip' which couldn't be more true today. Listen to the lyrics if you're from here, you'll love it:

I Hate the Sunset Strip "heavy metal shit" - I Hate the Sunset Strip "Orange County Chicks" - I Hate the Sunset Strip "Stupid Valley Hicks" - If you're really lucky, you get to meet the disease infested rock and roll girl of your dreams at the Rainbow!.


The band is back together after 10 years and are actually playing tonight at Huntington Beach with THE VIBRATORS, yep, think 'Pure Mania'.




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