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Monday, March 27, 2006


This weekend I got an amazing gift package in my mailbox from the mighty BIRDMONSTER from San Francisco. I've been eagerly awaiting what their completed full length would sound like, especially after having fallen for the early demo songs they had finished. I'm still spinning it over and over again, their new CD called "No Midnight". A produced version of "All The Holes In The Wall" (Future Sounds 23) appears along with 12 other tracks that have the kind of urgency that's missing in 98% of bands out there today. Early favorites are "Balcony" and "Cause You Can", but this is a collection of songs where each one will grab you and become your new romance, until you burn it out and move on to the next song. "No Midnight" is going to be self-released, because they CAN, on April 11th.

Here's a quick sample, download "Balcony" HERE.
BIRDMONSTER - http://birdmonster.com/main.html


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