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Thursday, March 09, 2006


This afternoon in Northern Philadelphia, police found the van stolen from the Comfort Inn in Philly. It's pretty dented, ignition damaged, and beat up a bit, but we're picking it up and will continue the tour. HUGE THANKS to everyone that has goten in touch with us and offered support, gear, services, and just moral support - it means more than you know!

Special thanks to the Philadelphia news outlets - we feel like their help made the recovery of the van possible.

Big thanks to Gibson Guitars, Music Cares, Ludwig Drums, Austinist.com, Electro Harmonix , Joel at SpinArt, The National, Big Hassle, Bottom Of The Hill, Playing in Fog, Pitchfork, Billboard and everyone else that stepped up in a big way!



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Great news about the recovery of the van. Best of luck to the lads on the rest of their tour.

4:26 AM  
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