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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

HABITFORMING tonight in San Francisco

Love X Nowhere
The Decoration (formerly Pinq- ex Film School)
@ 12 Galaxies
9:00 pm

"SF locals The Love X Nowhere's debut 6-song ep begins with a cloud
of swirly keyboards. Visions take shape of a shimmering space ship
comin' in for landing, but as the hatch opens we're greeted with
straightforward energetic pop rocks. This first song "Unworthy" is
propelled by a driving beat and boyish vocal harmonies that sorta
reminded me of Sloan. From there things move back to the moodier,
spacier and Pink Floyd-ier sound that was hinted at by those first
few moments. Layers of trippy psych-folk-y acoustic and electric
guitars with mellow male vocals."
Aquarius Records

[a rare The Decoration appearance!!]
"While a fair amount of Spiritualized's make-music-to-take-drugs-to-
make music-to ethos runs through Quiet Games for Hot Weather, The
Decoration's space-ready rock is more shy, more urgent than simple
stonerdom would call for."
Kristy Martin, CMJ New Music Report

"Habitforming's sound varies from slow, crawling, melodic overtones
to raw, industrial strength noise crush. They use a melting pot of
different textures, time signatures, silky grooves, vocal
mp3's----> www.habitformingmusic.com/albums.php


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