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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Our friends over at FMLY are always up to something, whether it's a FMLY bike ride or a show on the beach, and tonight they are hosting a benefit for WELLS BRING HOPE with a slate of great bands, including STARFUCKER at the Cozy Castle. Cozy Castle is a creative space/music venue located in Mid City at 4625 Exposition Blvd.

Wells Bring Hope is committed to drilling wells to bring safe water to rural villages in Niger, West Africa. Our vision is to save lives with safe water. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, and one of many places where contaminated water kills innocent victims, most often infants and young children. There is more to this sad story. The burden of getting water falls upon women and girls, who walk back-breaking miles everyday to find and carry water back to their villages. The result? Girls are not able to go to school.

This doesn’t have to happen. Drill a well deep into the ground and lives are transformed instantly.

* Child mortality is dramatically reduced
* Girls can go to school
* Women can work productively for their families

Doors open at 8 and include performances by Starfucker, Fake Drugs, Professor Calculus, Moon Pearl and Stellaluna and the show is $5.

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