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Saturday, May 08, 2010


In what's turned into one of our most exciting Rumble parties month in and month out, THE RUMBLE: SAN DIEGO @ Bar Pink loads up for a Saturday night filled with local talent and the wild bunch known as THE FEROCIOUS FEW.

North Park's THE KABBS headline tonight's party and are the perfect night cap to what the other two - dirty whiskey drinking/sounding bands will set up. They specialize in seedy garage rock that is right at home in a dark, dive bar. Give a listen to "Golden & Blue" (mp3)

Supporting from San Francisco it's the band on a mission from The Mission - THE FEROCIOUS FEW. Frontman Francisco Fernandez is a mix of early Bob Dylan and late Howlin' Wolf, and actually drives a hearse while writing over a dozen songs a month, most coming in under 2 minutes and all relating to tragedy, drinking, drug takin', heartbreak and near criminal behavior. Their debut release, "Juices", on Birdman Records, is appropriately titled and witnessing TFF live might make you messy.

Openers - LITTLE DEADMAN - have truly been one of our favorite new discoveries thanks to Zack/Sezio and our good buddies over at Single Screen Records, a label that can't seem to pick a bad band if they try. Their track, "Shooting Seagulls" has already been placed on a half-dozen friend playlists around the office since the mp3's hit our inbox. We fell for them hard and fast and have convinced them to continue the Rumble run onto Las Vegas tomorrow to the Aruba Hotel.

DJ Cory Casey will be on the decks all night and there will be TRUMER PILS beer specials all night long!

The price is also right for these current hard times - FREE!

The Rumble San Diego is brought to you by a collective of indie minded partners that support developing acts and consists of Future Sounds, Indigenous Promotions, M-Theory Records, SDdialed In, Trumer Pils and SD CityBeat.

BAR PINK is located at 3839 30th Street

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