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Tuesday, March 23, 2010



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There's a fort in New Jersey named after you.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been listening to WOXY since 1986. This is sad, but it always did have a sense of inevitability to me. Why? In all the years I have listened to WOXY, once and only once was I asked for money. Of course I was a member during the short lived days when the membership model was tried. But other than that little experiment (born of desparation) no one has made any attempt to get me or other devoted listeners like me to help pay the bills. Why? Am I the only one who would be willing to pay for WOXY?

But like I said, I have seen this coming. How can a commercial free radio station survive without getting money from it's customers?

My sincerest condolences go out to Mike, Shiv and Joe for what this has done to their lives. I wish you the best. Your talent deserves a home that appreciates you. Thanks for all the years. You don't know it, but in many ways, you are members of my family.

And my condolences also to all the bands, present and future, who will no longer have WOXY to showcase their excellent work. My CD collection is proof that exposure on WOXY put money in pockets of new, up-and-coming bands. Just as I am going to miss discovering those new bands, I am guessing those bands are going to miss the dollars WOXY exposure brought to them.

To Future Sounds... I want to me angry at you, but I can't. I am just disappointed. I doubt you tried to kill this legacy and put good people out of work. I doubt you tried to squash a great distribution channel for new music. But you did and that is something we all have to live with. Next time, ask us to help pay the bills... no we couldn't do it all, but maybe, just maybe our devotion could have gotten the ball rolling... and maybe that would have made all the difference.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

There is a struggle to monetize free services all over the internet even Twitter and Facebook struggle with this challenge daily despite having a user base in the multi-millions. The move of Woxy.com to Austin was a risky bet, but I applaud the guys from Futuresounds for taking it. Austin is ground zero for great new music and I enjoyed the additional on air exposure for new artists brought about by Woxy having it's headquarters in Austin. I'm looking forward to the return of Woxy to the airwaves.

8:35 AM  
Blogger lldope said...

There was not a sinister plan around WOXY by FS and we would've never purchased the station if we ever thought this would be the conclusion. WOXY could very well live on, we saved it the last time, and people saved it the times before. We love WOXY and tried to take something and create new ways of making money so that it could support itself, something that no owners have been able to do. Every staff member was like family, we traveled together, hung out together and had long term plans to keep growing WOXY. When a series of deals with companies 50x the size of Future Sounds didn't happen, because their business's are in trouble, it affects everyone. We're just a little company that loves indie music and has always only helped others, and when companies on this scale lay off entire divisions that we had worked deals with, we're hit harder than those big companies. Sponsorships are down more than ever as well, just getting anyone to put money towards music these days is easier said than done. We hope that WOXY will live on and are talking with people about this very thing, but the entire world is undergoing a financial crisis at the moment, and everyone is affected by it from top to bottom. Again, we are as depressed as anyone about the unfortunate turnout on a personal and professional front and so many people are lashing out without knowing that there are always two sides to any story and without having any insight into what we have been working on for a year around WOXY. We understand everyone's frustrations and we also feel like there is a death in the family.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Matthias said...

Is there a way of doing something? I'm from Germany paing 20 dollars a month for public radio whether I want it or not. If there would be a way of funding this beautiful radio station I'm sure people could be found who'd be willing to help... 5 dollars a month - would that do the trick?

I am a rather new listener to this station (mainly because I just purchased a squeezebox), and I was very doubtful about internet radio. But this station convinced me. It is (or was?) "awesome" as you say over there in the U.S.A.... But: I was always asking myself: how do they pay for all this? Now I have the answer: they obviously couldn't.

So if there is a way to salvage this project let us/me know.

A very sad listener from Berlin, Germany

1:34 PM  
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