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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


What was THE RUMBLE: NEW YORK has now evolved into THE RUMBLE: BROOKLYN at Southpaw and it goes down tonight.

Future Sounds has teamed up with a squad of Brooklyn friends like Defalco Presents, Sound Fix Records and +1 Music, as well as Stranded In Stereo and WOXY to bring you a monthly party of bands on the rise.

This first party we've pulled together some of our favorite new bands from Brooklyn and presented them on one bill:

RAVENS & CHIMES- brilliant indie rock perfectly executed

YOUR NATURE - Youngsters with an EP as good as anyone's out there

JUMP INTO THE GOSPEL- Have you heard "Flagship" yet??

POW WOW - A recent FS favorite - As cool a band as you can trip over

That's a lot of music for $8

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