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Thursday, April 09, 2009


I received this picture from Ryan Suffern today from SXSW of May Kay of Dublin's FIGHT LIKE APES and it's so amazing that I felt I had to post about this band based on this photo alone. The second coming of Siouxsie? FLA have been climbing the ladder in Ireland and the UK, recently headlining the NME Tour with The Ting Tings, and I'm still waiting for this act to get traction in America. Of all the places that seem like they'd get this Punk Rock meets PAVEMENT band, I'd think Uncle Sam would, but so far it's just been some flirts. What I love about this picture is that Ryan actually captured the madness and the brilliance of May when she's on stage. We've been banging on about them since May 2007, and it's nice to see them making their way, but come on, enough already America, get on this.

Download "Lend Me Your Face" (mp3)

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