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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES this week is fortunate to have the D.C. based act, JUKEBOX THE GHOST playing this week's party. We had a chance to ask them some questions before the flight West.....

Jesse is from Boston, MA. Ben is from Louisvile, KY. I (Tommy) am
from Richmond, VA. We all went to school in Washington, D.C. (The
George Washington University), which is where the band formed. Ben
and Jesse had played together their freshman year with another
guitarist. When that guitarist left, it happened to be around the
same time that I put up a flier in the school's music department.
They called, we jammed together, and we've been best friends and
bandmates ever since. After graduating college, we moved to
Philadelphia and have been touring almost nonstop.

We have a TON of new music (to be recorded soon), which will hopefully
find its way onto an album of some sort late this year or early 2010.

I was listening to the album "Bongo Fury," which is an awesome
collaboration between Frank Zappa and Beefheart, and I must have heard
the word jukebox in it somewhere. Although, I just looked at this
webpage with the full album's lyrics (you're not the first one to ask
about that, and I figured I should at least know what song it came
from), and there's no mention of a jukebox.....Hmm....At any rate, I
definitely 'thought' of the word jukebox while listening to that
album. This is a terrifying discovery -- Is our band history a sham??

Really just about that show. We're doing some other random
band-related things out there, but nothing earth-shattering.

To be honest, we've been traveling and living in Philadelphia since
fall of 2007, so we're no longer great authorities on the DC scene.
Bands we love that are currently playing/living in DC include Tereu
Tereu, Exit Clov, Pash, These United States, Medications, Vandaveer,
Le Loup, Laura Burhenn, Travis Morrison Hellfighters and Junior

Jesse and I are huge Dismemberment Plan geeks, which makes our
friendship with Travis Morrison a bit surreal...Emergency & I is an
incredible influence on us, and a constant musical fixture for us on
the road. Lately, I've been on a big Fugazi kick, and I love
Medications and Faraquet (the new anthology that Dischord put out is
great). Oh yeah, and Wale's mixtape from last year is sick.

Oh wow. Tough question. It's hard to isolate influences, especially
since early influences have such a far-reaching impact in ways you
don't even realize. I guess Phish would be the band that really
inspired my guitar playing in middle school/early high school....But
my discovery of Radiohead's OK Computer when I was 14 unlocked the
indie rock world for me and paved the way, directly or indirectly, for
me to listen to most of the music I listen to now.

Pretty & Nice from Boston. Via Audio and the XYZ Affair from NYC.
These United States and Exit Clov from DC. The Winter Sounds from
Greenville. All bands we've played with that never cease to blow me

Lots and lots and lots of touring. Definitely some big show
announcements for this spring. Then, in early summer, recording our
next LP!

Download "Hold It In" (mp3 thanks to Music Is Art)

Jukebox The Ghost hits the stage at 11:15pm on Thursday at The Rumble: LA @ 3 Clubs in Hollywood

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