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Thursday, December 04, 2008


After the ASCAP party, stay close in Hollywood and into a real drinking joint, the 3 Of Clubs for
THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES. Oasis, smoasis, come on, if you haven't already seen them act relevant at least once over the years, give some new guys a chance. The report from last night's RUMBLE SF was that THE FEROCIOUS FEW murdered their set, one of the best performances at a Rumble SF to date. On at 10pm is THE GROWLERS, a band I'm anxiously awaiting because I've heard so much about their live set and have yet to see it for myself. MiCHAEL do what they do, hold it down and get people moving on the decks. Free if you RSVP, $5 if not.

Here's a picture of the FF at last night's Rumble SF, courtesy of Julie.

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