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Thursday, December 11, 2008


The Brits are still signing good bands to major labels. This week, LITTLE COMETS, the band who's song 'Joanna' we've been playing quite a bit on the WOXY show and in the offices, signed to Columbia Records UK. The Newcastle four-piece have had weasels chasing them for some time, Columbia lands the prize.

The 20 year old soul singer from London, CLARE MAGUIRE, has also been signed to Polydor Records in the UK. Her song, 'Strangest Thing' we've been in love with for months now and could be the next in line on the Amy-Duffy-Adele run of English ladies that have made an impact.

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Blogger jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

clare > amy duffy adele.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Clare Maguire, seriously, she's in a league of her own. It's scary, I haven't heard anything apart from 2 demos and can't find any pictures but I already know her impact will be HUGE.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

I agree. She's class

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Ste said...

Universal, thats amazing! I have a feeling she's going to blow everyone away when she releases a record. Can't wait!

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Tony said...

whooop! So pleased! She's amazing! :-)

8:24 AM  

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