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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I just received my copy of the new THE HEAVENLY STATES CD, 'Delayer', and I have to say it's their best effort to date. We championed them back on FS18 and their song 'King Epiphany' , but this new record is like that song times 12 (one for each track on the disc). This band has the fury and high energy of TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS or THE ORANGES BAND, with the wit of THE HOLD STEADY. It's nice to hear a disc that just rocks like GUIDED BY VOICES used to deliver, less on fashion, more on the rawk! Nice work Ted.

Check out the track, "Lost In The Light" - reminds me of a revved up LOU REED on "Dirty Boulevard". They have their CD release party at the Independent in SF on March 7th, then we'll catch them down in LA on the 8th at Spaceland.



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Thanks for this release!

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It is a great record, a friend of mine have it, and we listened to it one time or two.

8:22 AM  

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