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Thursday, December 20, 2007


I was recently turned onto a band from San Diego that really defies description. The closest thing to explaining this band, FANTASTIC MAGIC, is by saying they are the West coast equivalent of BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW. I received their entire output on CD, which consists of the previously released 'Witch Choir' (released on cassette tape, yep, cassette tape) on Abandon Ship Records, as well as nine new songs that have put me under some kind of cosmic spell.
According to Abandon Ship Records, the first EP is "a magical trip on a pegasus through a field of LSD by three wizards". The new songs will put you in a trance, in a dreamlike state, perhaps somethng close to being on a magical trip on a pegasus. The gorgeous "Flowerbeds" is simple and drifts like BEACH HOUSE, and the rest moves from Ummagumma-era PINK FLOYD to CAN to DEVENDRA to YEASAYER. The whole collection is pleasantly haunting and now the question is how can I get them up to Los Angeles to play a show, and then with what band??

They actually are playing tonight for Free at Whistlestop in San Diego - see the flyer below.

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Blogger anangarangamarianga said...


i wish i could go--i'm totally gonna miss out and i LIVE here. but, i overheard it through some girl in a grapevine, say they were playing with black heart procession pretty soon. like in Jan2008 or something, i guess i'm gonna have to hang at the edge of my seat til then.

cool, black moth super rainbow, never heard of them--they sound interesting, i'll check em out. if they're anything like FM i'm sure i'll be just as hyped.


10:12 PM  

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