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Saturday, December 15, 2007


They are probably not anything 'new' to all of those "professional" bloggers out there that have to be first to everything, but to this one, or to me, this act has recently become a very special band in my world. The band is called ALBERTA CROSS.

I had downloaded '
Lucy Rider' off of who knows which blog and I think I just played it on the wrong day, because it just sat there until recently. It was once I downloaded "Old Man Chicago" that made it all click, made me go back to all the songs, and fall in love with this band in the same way I fell for THE AVETT BROTHERS earlier in the year. WOW! I can't even believe this band is from London, it feels like something in the Midwest, has touches of NEIL YOUNG, MY MORNING JACKET and early JAYHAWKS at times. Their full-length, "Thief & Heartbreaker" comes highly recommended from the Future Sounds bunch, it's a creeper and it's got strokes of magic baked in. So better late than never, ALBERTA CROSS.

Here's the video for 'Lucy Rider'
Alberta Cross - 'Lucy Rider'



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