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Thursday, December 13, 2007


The search for the next FUTURE SOUNDS compilation always leads to hundreds of discoveries and 15 final tracks. Along the way the fun pours in from all my scouts around the world and I'm always floored and reminded that there are great bands hiding out everywhere. SPIRAL BEACH from Toronto are a band I've finally discovered, because their site says that they've been around since 2004, so I'm making up for lost time. This unconventional sounding act that I believe is still in high school, has put out two releases, the self-titled and self-released debut record in 2005 (listen to "Voodoo"), and now, 'Ball', released in October of '07 on Sparks Music. Describing them isn't easy, it's strange, it's all over the place in the way of bands like THE UNICORNS or the THE SLITS, but check out 'Made Of Stone' or 'Kind Of Beast' to get a sampling of a band that should start getting more attention outside of Canada in the coming year. Here's a great article on the band in 'THE NEW POLLUTION'.


Check out the video for 'Made of Stone' below...



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