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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Personally, I feel a connection to LITTLE RADIO just because growing up, working in radio and TV, I always dreamed of having a station called 'Little Radio' because I was born with surname 'Little'. After moving here and meeting Jimmy and the LR crew, I liked it even more because they really know how to throw a party and they have unique, streaming radio programs and knowledgeable DJ's. Little Radio even manufactured the Future Sounds CD once, so it really has come full circle for me that tonight I have the honor of dropping in on KEVIN BRONSON'S "Buzz Bands" show tonight between 6Pm-8PM.

I'm a faithful reader of Kevin's column and blog, and I can't help but see him at EVERY show I seem to go see live. No exaggeration, he's at every show and this guy lives for music. I'm going to sneak in some songs that will be on FS31 I hope, that is due out in mid December, and some other bands I've been enjoying in the search to complete the next compilation.

Tune in HERE

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