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Friday, July 27, 2007


I won't deny it, I've always been a huge shoegazer fan, it's why I love working with FILM SCHOOL so much. Coming back from a show, late night, swirling sounds, fuzzy feelings, you get the idea. The sound keeps evolving each year and the new versions of the genre keep flowering interesting and gorgeous takes on this sonic category. I'm hoping people are aware of the great music that the Northampton band, MAPS, are making. Their latest, We Can Create (Mute), has been nominated for the Mercury Prize, and its well deserved. Tracks like 'Elouise' and 'You Don't Know Her Name' are stunning. (Thanks to Each Note Secure and Sound Bites for the tracks).

Another artist that has really grabbed me is MIRACLE FORTRESS from Montreal. They are on Secret City and their song, 'Have You Seen In Your Dreams' off the Five Roses cd kills me. (Thanks to Hero Hill). Worth checking out and I hope to see them live this year.

So when you throw in the likes of bands like THE TWILIGHT SAD, ASOBI SEKSU, and GREAT NORTHERN, there are many great shoegazin' bands pushing forward the sound.

Funny enough, I just read that THE GUARDIAN ran a similar story today.....

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