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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The traffic in LA isn't an exaggeration, it's a reality we all deal with every day for choosing to live here. I get out to the FARM often in the OC and most times I moan and get aggro on my drive each way. Tonight on my way back into Hollywood, I popped in the newly-released CD by San Francisco's BELLAVISTA and the drive seemed to vanish, the traffic became irrelevant. On first listen, it wasn't the kind of disc that is begging for radio play or any kind of instant gratification, but rather a musical appreciation that comes with vintage SPACEMEN 3 (think 'Transparent Radiation'). It's self-titled and was dropped by TAKE ROOT RECORDS, a fresh indie with their hearts and ears in the right place.
So after really digging into tracks like 'River Of Lust' and 'Mystic Son' and really the whole thing, I get home and dig for more info, as this voice I'm hearing sounds so familiar it's killing me. I reminds me of another Bay area band that I once loved, VUE. I still own the vinyl version of 'Baby's Are For Petting' and often drop 'Look Out For Traffic' in sets and on playlists. I often wonder - What the hell happened to the band that was on RCA? I remember that they got pushed hard but not in the right ways, and ended up getting backed-out on in what always turns into a label not getting that big, immediate radio buzz and then deciding to cut loses and back off. Careers are ended that way, and thankfully, this didn't happen. Evolution....BELLAVISTA.

Well, what I find in their band bio is that they are indeed, the surviving members of VUE, and I delight in the fact that they are again making music and even better working with a label that understands and appreciates their creativity, their vibe, their vision. In an odd way I feel like I got back in touch with an old friend.


THE FRAIL (FS28) are now getting spins on LIVE 105 in San Francisco.

Yet another San Francisco band, OVERVIEW (FS27), just got a nice press hit over on ABSOLUTEPUNK.NET. Check it out here.

Finally, BANG CAMARO (FS26) the Boston band that brought you 'Push Push (Lady Lightning)' are now showing up all over MTV. Check out the video of a day in the life of this -sometimes 25 piece band, HERE.



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