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Thursday, January 04, 2007


In an email to friends and fans this morning, sadly, THE ROGERS SISTERS have parted ways.
Dear Friends,

We are writing to regretfully inform you that our band, the Rogers Sisters, has officially run its course and broken up. Thanks to those of you who have worked and travelled with us for your tolerance, entertainment and good times; and to all of you for the fun, craziness and support. Our last show was in Oslo, exactly 7 years and one day after our very first show at Enid's in November of 1999.
We don't feel any need to make an official announcement to the press, and we may keep our website up for a little while to try to move some merch (the merch store finally went up, like, last month). But please feel free to share the news with anyone who
might know us or care. Sorry, we will not be doing any goodbye shows either.

I've always liked and appreciated what this band attempted to do, and they will be missed. I've heard about splinter groups popping up, like SHOCK CINEMA, in which Miyuki is now playing in. Best of luck to all of them, band life is a tough road.


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