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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Favorite Albums of 2006

I'm not a huge fan of doing my own end of the year lists, as it's so tough to rank which records are the 'best', mostly due to ever-changing moods, situations, and sentimental reasons that get tied up into one album getting more play than others. And what qualifies as 'best' anyway? Best for what? Dancing? Chilling? Rock'n out?

I enjoyed releases and singles in 2006, but to be honest, no single album blew me away. Maybe it just takes time to feel the impact of the sounds of this year, but it seems like we're in a big transition. We're putting some distance between the '80's sound and an getting beat over the head with a massive amount of 'emo' bands, into an enormous amount of electronic-based, dancey music, and the flare up of harder rockin' bands. Hey, we all know that the end of the '80's brings a return of massive POP music, tons of crap, and then grunge and shoegaze. We're already seeing the formation of these sounds cropping up. Who's going to get the combo right? Who'll trailblaze and lay down the pavement (PIXIES) for the next guy to polish and reap the rewards on (NIRVANA)? So my list of favorite albums is mostly based on how often I listened and how much I enjoyed the sounds. I'll let all the cool kids go arty and complex with their lists.

What I do know is that TV ON THE RADIO did
NOT make the album of the year. I do know that TAPES N TAPES is beyond overrated. I enjoy THE KNIFE, really respect their adventure, their mystery, the IDEA of what they are, but the hype doesn't live up to the result.

Favorite Albums of 2006

Beach House - Beach House (Carpark Records)
C.S.S. - C.S.S. (Sub Pop)
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies (Merge)
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor (Atlantic)
Film School - Film School (Beggars Banquet)
Girl Talk - Night Ripper (Illegal Art)
Grizzly Bear - Yellow House (Warp)
The Kooks - Inside In/Inside Out (EMI)
La Rocca - The Truth (Dangerbird)
The Long Winters - Putting The Days To Bed (Barsuk)
Mister Loveless - My Share Of Losing (Shady Glen Records)
Jim Noir - Tower Of Love (Barsuk)
Peter, Bjorn & John - Writer's Block (Wichita/V2)
Silversun Pickups - Cavanas (Dangerbird)

Best EP's of 2006
Born Ruffians - Born Ruffians (Outside Music)
The Ebb & Flow - Here Are Caught (No label)
Fields - 7 From The Village (Vice Records)
Lemon Sun - Tales of Uncertainty (No label)
LoveLikeFire - Bed of Gold (No label)
The Slits - Revenge Of The Killer Slits (SAF Records)
Toyko Police Club - A Lesson In Crime (Paperbag Records)

Best Song of 2006
Gnarls Barkley - "

I know, I can't hear it one more damn time either, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Like 'Hey Ya' in the sense that EVERYONE instantly liked it, all ages & all music fans.

Guilty Pleasure of 2006
Cassie - "Me & U"

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