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Thursday, September 14, 2006


WOW! last night I had the pleasure of hanging out with the fun-loving Swedish group, TEDDYBEARS last night in Los Angeles while they spun records to a wireless crowd, and you couldn't meet 3 guys with better musical tastes or cooler teddybear heads. Now they're headed up to DJ a set at POPSCENE in San Francisco, all to help promote their soon to be released album, "Soft Machine" (on Big Beat Recordings/Atlantic). The record features collaborations with MAD COBRA, NENAH CHERRY, ELEPHANT MAN and IGGY POP. They are currently the free single download of the week on iTunes this week, so go grab it for free for now. These guys have been around for years (Joakim Åhlund is also in the CAESARS), mostly known in Europe, but have invaded those of us in America now.

So you SF'ers, get out and dance with Teddybears and Aaron tonight.

TEDDYBEARS - http://www.myspace.com/teddybears


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