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Saturday, September 16, 2006


As I drive around Los Angeles, I keep seeing something that immediately makes me get all negative and wish something bad on someone: ALL THE NEW BILLBOARDS AND SIGNS FOR THE NEW LUDACRIS ALBUM.

Of all the people in the world, for some reason I CAN'T STAND LUDACRIS. I feel like this guy has the whole world under the jedi mind trick, convincing everyone that he is some kind of a star. He has a great sound to his voice, and sometimes when he guests on someone else's tracks he hits it just right, but for the most part he's totally uninspiring and a complete idiot. Watching him do an interview is horrific, the guy talks like he's trying to be Jay-Z, minus being the president of a label. What's worse is his acting, or really what should be called, Ludacris playing himself over and over again. I mean was it a stretch for him in CRASH? That movie was another jedi mind trick over the entertainment industry, but that's another story.

So look above at this album cover - is this guy so full of himself or what? I'm sure it will go on to "move units" and I'll get more disgusted by the day, passing these billboards, watching him on award shows, and hearing his jabber about being the greatest in hip hop. I like to play a game called Buddy Holly, where you can pick 3 people in entertainment that you'd like to see go down in a wheat field. Ludacris is one for me. Who's yours?


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