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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


He may be moving to New York City, and he may be leaving us for a lady, but we still get one last crack at DAVID HOPKINS with his band before he departs.

Wed December 29th
David Hopkins
Brandi Shearer
Chris Von Sneidern

@ 12 Galaxies
9:30 pm

"His voice is an effortless wind at your back, or the ignited gas the causes a hot air balloon to soar, flawless, reminding me of a slew of my favorite voices on record (Travis-Belle&Sebastian-Radiohead), yet somehow never sounding quite like any one of them in particular."
South of the Mainstream

"Armed with a rich and resonant voice that is dynamic, declarative and willful, Shearers’ great gift as a vocalist is that she knows how to take the corners; vowels glide in impossible angles, consonants are punctuated by sultry purrs and stabs, and the effects are, to say the least, riveting."
Alex Green- Discoveries Magazine

"Chris von Sneidern -- and I say this without prejudice, arm-twisting or any sort of payola (dammit) -- is a Pop Genius. Not a pop genius -- a Pop Genius. He writes tunes that bear his unmistakable stamp, the type that'll transport you to places that only the most special popsongs take the listener, not unlike Badfinger's Pete Ham during his finest hour and a half. Not many can do it these days, but CvS can, did and continues to do so."
Amplifier Magazine


Blogger THE BOSTON BLOGGER said...

Keep up the good work brother man.
Have a great new year, and let me know when any of your boys are putting on a show in the ATL.

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