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Friday, July 30, 2004

New record out by Boston's MITTENS

Do you remember this band, MITTENS? Former Future Sounds and From The Future family members finally released their self titled debut record on Man With A Gun Records. I just received mine in the mail (thanks Andy) and apparently it debuted on the CMJ charts at #125.

Here's what 'No Matter What You Heard' said about a recent live show:

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
The Mittens and Runner & the Thermodynamics -- Live at TT the Bears (in Boston) on June 26, 2004
By NMWYH staff writer Sal Darji

I had been meaning to go check out these bands for the last year or so. Fortunately for me, my plans for the night had fallen through, and I knew they were playing because of some coverage the Mittens received in the Boston Metro. If these bands end up touring, I would recommend you take the time to go see them.

The Mittens: NMWYH Rating out of five stars.

The thing to note about this three piece band is that they didn’t use a distortion pedal. Nor did they have a reverb, delay, flanger, compressor, or any other effects unit to hide behind. The two frontmen traded off guitars and singing duties for the whole set.

These guys came to rock, unpretentiously. They played about a dozen songs (who can count with all that alcohol?) that were all quite catchy and upbeat. The crowd was really into it, and they had a solid group of fans who knew the words to their songs. The mob sprayed and spilt a lot of beer in tribute to the band and their excellent music.

On a side note, I believe there is another band called the Mittens from the UK. So, at some point there will be a lawsuit, and someone will have to append UK to their band name. The Mittens have a new CD out, and they have a website here.


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