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Friday, July 23, 2004


  1. DAVID HOPKINS Scared Rabbit

Irish born DAVID HOPKINS is working hard to return to his homeland in September with some of his best new songs to date, as he’s been in the studio putting together some huge tunes! This one goes from PINK FLOYD to Houses Of The Holy to CSNY to ELLIOT SMITH. All eyes are on him in Dublin, where he has a fall of festivals and radio spots lined up. Needs: Booking.

DAVID HOPKINS – Demo – No label.

  1. ROGUE WAVEEndless Shovel

It’s been said before, but the latest signee to Sub Pop Records is going to give THE SHINS a run for their money. For those of you that go back with me, you’ll remember I had ROUGE WAVE on FS07- this very same album – and it is finally seeing it’s way out of San Francisco. Great live, now everyone gets the chance to pick up this must own record. Trust me, it’ll be your new favorite.

ROGUE WAVE – Out Of The Shadow Sub Pop Records.

  1. WILCOI’m A Wheel

What’s new to say about WILCO? Yeah yeah yeah, their albums are great. But here’s the catch, this one (A Ghost Is Born) isn’t the usual first listen favorite. In fact, this one is a real slow creep, taking many turns before it gets under your skin and begins to take over. This track, “I’m A Wheel” is almost a throw back to early records, but has that REPLACEMENTS touch that Tweedy has always wanted to have. A great driving down the freeway tune – could get you a ticket.

WILCO – I’m A Wheel Nonesuch Records.

  1. RADIO 4The Death Of American Radio

So the GANG OF FOUR sound has pretty much run to the front of the pack, with THE RAPTURE and !!! (to name a few), but the guys that have been doing this sound since the beginning, RADIO 4, have yet to reap the rewards. Their latest Stealing Of A Nation is due out and should re-establish them as founding fathers, as they can do the dance-rock thing as good as anyone.

RADIO 4 – Stealing Of A Nation City Slang/Astralwerks.

  1. CONNERCold Feelings

This track is unmastered, so turn it up some and you’ll get the picture of what it will sound like finished. You’ve heard CONNER on Future Sounds before, the band from Lawrence, Kansas, that doesn’t sound like KANSAS. James Duft’s almost indecipherable vocals add to the charm, and the near Saturday Night Fever backdrop make this one a bouncy romp. The band’s debut full-length, The White Cube, should be getting close. Needs: Booking, legal.

CONNER – New DemosNo label.

  1. THE HEAD SET1982

New York City’s THE HEAD SET, have been influenced by THE STROKES, but then again so have half of the young bands out there today. Having recently won the CMJ 5-Borough Battle of the Bands at Coney Island, they are looking to stretch out and capture hearts everywhere. Great drumming, strong vocals, garage touches with today’s sounds. Needs: Legal, booking.

THE HEAD SET – Ask Her Twice EP Orchard Records.

  1. SPARTABreaking The Broken

So the other half of AT THE DRIVE IN have responded with Porcelain, and while it doesn’t take us on some insane journey like THE MARS VOLTA delivered to us, they do build on the emo-core theme, complete with BONO-like vocals (not Sonny- think the Edge) and excellent musicianship. A live spectacle, catch them everywhere this summer-fall while they beat the hell out of us.

SPARTA – Porcelain Geffen Records.

  1. NOVATONEMidnight

A mini-all star band, Seattle’s NOVATONE are working on material for a full length produced by Barrett Jones (NIRVANA, MELVINS) that should get people talking. Composed of Ty Willman of GREEN APPLE QUICKSTEP and Dave Krusen (PEARL JAM – Ten) and other Washington veterans, they consider themselves “the new old school”. Their demo is full of great tracks like Does She Want Me, and their live show I’m told is blistering. Needs: Management, legal, booking.

NOVATONE – Demo – No label.


Ok, so once you get past that long intro, you get into this freaky piece by brother and sister team, THE FIERY FURNACES. This song is actually a UK single release only to grow interest for their latest album, Blueberry Boat, a record that each one of you should own. Way out there, imaginative, and just downright insane is this record, one of my favorites so far of the year. Check out the seven plus minute song, Chris Michaels and you’ll be a fan forever.

THE FIERY FURNACES – Blueberry Boat Rough Trade Records.


Nice and dirty, just what you want from new garage. Two brothers and a blonde chick make up THE SUBWAYS, from Bristol, England, and their raw style, a la THE UNDERTONES, have pushed them to GLASTONBURY where they received raves from the hipster press outfits there. Someone described them as “swamp-funk” and I kind of like that idea, as it does seem to seep up from places underground. Needs: A deal.

THE SUBWAYS – Demo – No label.

  1. DEAD COMBOYou Don’t Look So Good

The Finnish-born duo of Nuutti Kataja and Harri Kupiainen make up DEAD COMBO, who now live in New York and will make any fan of THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN –BRMC – THE RAVEONETTES thrilled that have another show they can wear their black outfits to. I hear a lot of SUICIDE in here (Ghostrider) and I can imagine that live they could make you sweat. I like it dark and noisy, and these guys are dead on with this track. Needs: Booking, legal.

DEAD COMBO Barry White Moon Base No label.

  1. Geezers Of NazarethGold Rush

Come on, with a name like GEEZERS OF NAZARETH, you know you are already curious and interested? Sweden’s version of THE SCISSOR SISTERS give us that disco meets 80’s R&B mash up that can move a dancefloor. Play this one a couple of times in a row and you’ll realize that you’re ruined, almost like It’s Raining Men with it’s silliness, and those horns?

GEEZERS OF NAZARETH – Songs On The Radio Bored? Records.

  1. THE SONS OF SOUNDHeavy Hands

New York’s THE SONS OF SOUND are fronted by Dennis (formerly of THE REALISTICS), whose falsetto rivals CHRIS MARTIN or even JEFF BUCKLEY. Big, lush numbers, but they can also rock as hard as MUSE when given the chance. I can’t imagine someone with this type of potential hanging around for long without a deal. Needs: Booking, legal, management.

THE SONS OF SOUND – The Sons Of Sound EP No label.

  1. ABDOUJAPAROVEmergency Medical Hologram

Now this is some punk that has a get-up-and-do to it. ABDOUJAPAROV, go ahead and try and pronounce it, is known for it’s ever-changing line up and love of 1977 punk rock. Rude boys with simple, straightforward sound ideas and lyrics, like “you’re not so pretty, isn’t it a pity, you’re feeling shitty, that’s why I wrote this ditty”. I dare you not to like this one.

ABDOUJAPAROV – As Yet Untitled Abdou's 1st Album Spinach Records.

  1. SURFEROSALucky Lipstick

Norway’s SURFEROSA are fronted by the female version of DAVID LEE ROTH, Mariann, and they give us some DARKNESS-like party music that has yet to make it’s way to the US. They’ve toured the UK with THE KILLERS and the ELECTRIC SIX, and have twice as much bounce as SAHARA HOTNIGHTS or ASHLEE SIMPSON (that ain’t hard to be though). Mariann and Co. have the potential to be everywhere before you know it.

SURFEROSA – Shanghai My Heart – Veristy Records.


The KAISER CHIEFS are from Leeds, and they simply got fed up with everyone else making music and stealing their women, so they formed a band. Now, they have been touring with FRANZ FERDINAND, THE CRIBS and CHIKINKI in the UK and trying to steal your girlfriend. Their singer’s name is “The Sauce” and their sound is equally tasty.

KAISER CHIEFS – Demo No label.

17. ROYAL CITYJerusalem

Toronto’s ROYAL CITY are big fans of WILL OLDHAM and it shows. Singer/songwriter Aaron Riches hits paydirt with this, their third album, a beautiful experience throughout that’s light and warm and sunny. Warming the hearts of college radio all over America, this is another strong recommendation.

ROYAL CITY – Little Heart’s Ease Rough Trade/ Sanctuary Records.

18. n.LANNONDemons

n.Lannon is really the vision of FILM SCHOOL’s Nyles Lannon, this one showing a different side to his normally shredding guitar work, where he trades it all in for his laptop. Fans of THE POSTAL SERVICE will enjoy this record intensely, as it has a golden lightness to it, something soothing and subtle. The band will be doing some extensive touring this fall, keep your eyes peeled.

n.LANNON – Chemical Friends Badman Records.

19. KATE EARL – Silence

They call her “the golden darling”, and with such a lush voice, I couldn’t argue much. Sounding like a mix between FIONA APPLE and NELLI FURTUDO, this California girl has almost a southern feel to her. She recently signed to Record Collection and is out on tour at the moment. Light some candles, pour some wine, and get ready for some lovin’.

KATE EARL – Kate Earl – Record Collection.


I don’t know much about ‘ol WILLY MASON, other than this song is a heartbreaker. Lovely ideas, a nice little number that gets in your head and runs around and around. I know he is from New York, and that he tours quite a bit, and his web site tells me what’s in his knapsack, just what you’ve always needed to know. If you know something else about him, please share.

WILLY MASON – Willy Mason No label.

21. SEAN HAYESSmoking Signals

Ok, this came out in 2003, but it was self released and I just came across it and I think this tender tune crushes me. Reminds me of CAROLE KING or something my mom would play in the ‘70’s. SEAN HAYES is a singer-songwriter from San Francisco with a delicate touch that is capable of painting quite a vision. A song that has owned me since I first played it.

SEAN HAYES – Alabama Chicken No label.

22. THE HIDDEN CAMERAS – Builds The Bone

Another Toronto band, THE HIDDEN CAMERAS close out this month’s compilation with Builds The Bone, a precious track that will be gobbled up by fans of early BELLE & SEBASTIAN, THE CLIENTELE, or KINGS OF CONVIENCE. Gorgeous and ready for some movie soundtrack somewhere.

THE HIDDEN CAMERAS - Mississauga Goddam – Rough Trade Records.


It’s always tough to limit myself to one CD’s worth of new tunes in a given month. Here are some others that are worth checking into:

First off, I really would have liked to have a copy of the following CD’s to include in this month’s FS, but I’ve been buried in things and I wish their people (hint hint) would send some my way. The new IKARA COLT, THE KINGS OF CONVENIENCE, RAZORLIGHT, THE BEES, CLINIC and THE PAPER CHASE are all records I’m convinced are keepers.

THEE MORE SHALLOWS – album: Deep Cuts. San Francisco’s THEE MORE SHALLOWS have put together a stunning record that fans of GRANDADDY should eat up. Right now it’s only released in the UK on Monotreme Records, but keep your eyes open for the US release.

65DAYSOFSTATICWhile we’re on the subject of Monotreme Records, this band is a sound juggernaut, swirling and wild and explosive. Check out I Swallowed Hard, Like I Understood. Monotreme Records.

MADELEINE PEYROUX!track: Between The Bars. A dusty groove, a la BILLIE HOLIDAY on a bad night. Makes you wanna make a trip to New Orleans to sip some mint juleps and stay out all night.

THE TWENTY TWOStrack: She Does. New York’s The 22’s rip and roar like THE GO-GO’S on speed.

THE SENSEStrack: Oh My Soul. If you love THE STONE ROSES, stop what you are doing and find this record. Great vocals, solid band.

LOMAX – track: Reiterator. Excellent outfit that’s touring with THE RAPTURE and THE FRENCH KICKS, go see these guys. Fans of THE JAM will be in heaven.

THE NEW CONSTITUTION Throwback in the fashion of MANDO DIAO or THE M’S, old sounding new. Great ‘60’s tinged rock and roll.


THE KILLERS just continue to roll on. Currently out on their first headlining tour, they just finished Glastonbury, T in The Park, and are heading out to the FUJI Rock Fest in Japan at the end of the month. They just finished their third video for ‘All These Things That I’ve Done”, you know, the “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier” song.

TIME IN MALTA have just hit the road for Hellfest, and will follow it up with a sold out tour with SICK OF IT ALL and TERROR on what promises to be the heaviest tour of the entire summer. First music video, Bear Witness’ was just completed in LA and will make Fight Club look tame. Go buy Alone With The Alone on Equal Vision Records when you get the chance.

THE DRAMA have just completed a singles deal with Fierce Panda records in the UK that should finally get our boy, Joe Gregory, the setting to explode off of. New songs pouring in, big and loud and full of, err, drama.

FILM SCHOOL are getting set for a UK tour that consists of shows with TV ON THE RADIO, DIRTY ON PURPOSE, and a trip to the In The City Music Festival. Look for their first UK single to hit this fall. New track ‘On And On’ sounds better than anything on the new CURE record.

DAVID HOPKINS is heading back to the homeland, Ireland, for festival and tour dates throughout September. Catch him down in LA at the Hotel Café this month.


Other notable releases out this month: THE ROOTS – The Tripping Point, proves once again that this band is a frontrunner in hip hop. *** Look out for the band called GOSLING. They will be signed very soon and all in your face before you know it. *** Same goes for New York’s THE MADISON STRAYS. More STONE ROSES influences here, fantastic vocalist. *** VIB GYOR should also hit your radar soon enough, taking the US-RADIOHEAD approach to their craft. *** Another new band, THE LONG BLONDES are worth praise.


*** If you really dig something on this list, especially the unsigned artists, send me an email with some comments, as I share them with the bands/artists and the feedback is extremely helpful. -- email me @ larry@fromthefuture.org .

***I strongly encourage you to go out and BUY these artists if you like what you hear. Support the arts.***

Accepting demos and new releases – send them to:

Larry Little c/o From The Future Management, LLC. - 3872 24th Street - San Francisco, CA 94114


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