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Tuesday, June 15, 2004



1. HABITFORMINGIntermingle
The sound of San Francisco’s HABITFORMING instantly grabbed me and caused me to pick up the phone. Think JOE STRUMMER fronting THE RAPTURE on this track, but there is much more to this band than meets the eye. I just received the full length of the record and I can honestly say it is one of the most exciting records I’ve come across in ages. The west coast’s version of TV ON THE RADIO, but harder rockin’, more insane, and more potential. Needs: Legal and booking.
HABITFORMING – Album Preview – No label.

2. BLOC PARTY – She’s Hearing Voices
Describing themselves as ” an autonomous unit of un-extraordinary kids reared on pop culture”, or “art punk funk”, London’s BLOC PARTY have made enough noise to get their neighbor’s attention (Wichita Recordings). Since sending their demo to FRANZ FERDINAND, which got them some gigs, it has triggered the attention from the BBC’s Steve Lamacq and eventually the record deal that they’ve just announced. This will be released in the US on Dim Mak in September, but hear it first here now!
BLOC PARTY – Demo – No label.

I know I’ve talked about this release already months ago, but it is finally “officially” released, and this song is so damn good (ZEPPELIN?) that I can’t miss the opportunity to pimp them to those that aren’t aware of one of the finest live units out there today. This three piece, originally from Texas, contains the Curtis brothers, plus drummer Josh Garza, and have already released their record early on iTunes, and now open it up to retail for everyone less savvy. Now they live in New York City, have gone the way of a major label, and the music has only improved. Buy it.
THE SECRET MACHINES – Now Here Is Nowhere – Reprise Records.

4. ASH – Meltdown
Ok, so it sounds like ASH, but that is why I buy their albums, as they do that Ash sound so right. The first track off of their Meltdown LP set to come out June 29th, this trio from Ireland always deliver those big summer anthems that aren’t bogged down in heavy ideals, they just want to rock the kids. Nothing new from them in terms of musical direction, but I’m not asking them to either.
ASH – Meltdown – Sony Records.

5. D JON – It Ain’t Nothin’ Like
Las Vegas’ D JON is known in Sin City as the rapper that entered KLUC’s Battle Zone and won the contest until they forced him to retire. Since then, the young one (22) has started his own independent record label (Duce Family Records), has begun producing his material and others (he did this track on his own), and is putting the final touches on his self released debut record, Versatile. The west coast NELLY. Needs: Booking.
D JON – Demo – No label.

6. BUMBLEBEEZ 81 – Pony Ride
Championed by the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, BUMBLEBEEZ 81 hail from a tiny town in Australia, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting the word out. Mastermind, Chris Colonna left home to attend Pratt College in New York, where he developed his cut and paste style in all forms of his art, which ends up like a cross between BECK and N.E.R.D.. Look out for their video and catch them this summer on the Lalapalooza tour.
BUMBLEBEEZ 81 – Printz – Modular Records.

7. THE BRAVERY – No Brakes
New York City’s latest “IT” band, THE BRAVERY have offers on the table from just about everyone. After their residency at Arlene’s Grocery, and playing to the A&R circus, they should be holding some kind of prize before too long. If you love THE KILLERS, which I know every single one of you do (right?), then these guys are up your alley.
THE BRAVERY – No Brakes – No label.

Taking their name from THE FLAMING LIPS, this band from Sunderland, England are another one of those English bands that are getting lots of lovin’ from NME and the like, and are slowly creeping over to the US. I got this song as a demo, but since they’ve hooked up with 679 Recordings and have the proper releases lined up. Somehow, DR. DRE became a fan of theirs, with their DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS-THE JAM type of vibe.
THE FUTUREHEADS – Demo – No label.

9. THE ORDINARY BOYS – Week In, Week Out
Speaking of THE JAM, here’s another one of the UK buzz bands of the moment (I know, almost makes you shiver) that come through with a fine outing. From Brighton, THE ORDINARY BOYS may have nicked their name from MORRISEY’s tune on Viva Hate, these guys openly worship PAUL WELLER and have crafted their throwback mixed with today sound with these influences in mind.
THE ORIDNARY BOYS – Week In, Week Out – B-Unique Records.

10. THE PONYS – Little Friends
This record actually came out in February, but I kept putting off tracking it down until it turned up. Better late than never, and here you can feel the late ‘70’s NYC scene influence on this band from Chicago. Part RAMONES, DEVO, RICHARD HELL and TELEVISION, part SONICS-‘60’s garage rock. You can usually count on anything on In The Red Records to be tasty, and this one holds true.
THE PONYS – Laced With Romance – In The Red Records.

11. THE SUBJECTS – Silver
I know almost nothing about this band. Can’t even find a thing on them when Googlin’. Come to think of it, I can’t even remember who emailed me this mp3. I think they are from New York City, I’m pretty sure they are perhaps a 3 or 4 piece, and I’m pretty sure they’d like to get a record deal. If you know more about them, send me an email, but until then, do what we should be doing anyway, just enjoying the music. Make up your own history-story on them.
THE SUBJECTS – Demo – No label.

12. THE THERMALS – How We Know
On their sophomore record on Sub Pop, Portland’s THE THERMALS decided to record their record in proper fashion, getting Chris Walla of DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE to co-produce this effort, and it shows in the results. A power trio in every sense of the word, big energy and great drive make this track memorable. ‘Hardly art, hardly garbage’.
THE THERMALS – Fuckin A – Sub Pop Records.

13. AGENT BLUE – Snowhill
This band, given a little more a little more seasoning, could grow into a monster. Stoke, England’s AGENT BLUE have the FUGAZI drive that mixes with the grittiness of THE CLASH. If history teaches us anything, it’s that Fierce Panda knows how to spot them early (OASIS, COLDPLAY), and these youngsters could slide in and gobble up fans of THE COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE and MUSE.
AGENT BLUE – Snowhill – Fierce Panda Records.

14. PLURAMON – Hello Shadow
Germany’s PLURAMON is happy to provide all those MY BLOODY VALENTINE-RIDE fans with a new shoe to gaze at. This track, and album for that matter, came out in 2003, but I don’t really care. I don’t think they made enough of a splash with it, so I’m putting it back into the mix. As much electronic and prog as it is dreamy, track this one down. Beautiful, swirling, buzzing, floating, I think you can see and hear where this one will take you.
PLURAMON – Dreams Top Rock – Karaoke Kalk Records.

15. THE VEILS – More Light Than Heat
New Zealand’s THE VEILS are thundering in and getting attention. Producing an excellent debut record on Rough Trade, this band is going to get some mileage before they wear out. Fans of THE VERVE, STARSAILOR, and SUEDE will like them, for their grit and dark imagery, although they can make that KEANE sounding business just as easily. I like this one as it has that ZEP kinda blues stomp.
THE VEILS – The Runaway Found – Rough Trade Records.

16. ART BRUT – Formed A Band
Art rock is en vogue at the moment (see FRANZ FERDINAND-BLOC PARTY-PART CHIMP) and ART BRUT is running at the front of this pack. Think THE RUTS, A CERTAIN RATIO, THE FALL or GANG OF FOUR, and you’ve only started to figure out how to accept this incredible act from the UK. A mission statement of a song, 'Formed a band, We formed a band, LOOK AT US, We formed a band!'
ART BRUT – Formed A Band – Rough Trade Records.

17. THE FRENCH KICKS – One More Time
Their debut record bored me, thought it was going to take me somewhere, ended up putting me to sleep whenever I put it on (might not be a bad thing?). This time around, I think they have their wheels heading in the right direction. Bouncy and light with that creamy synth part trickling about, I like it when a band can change your mind about them and grow.
THE FRENCH KICKS – The Trial Of The Century – Startime International.

18. GRAM RABBIT – New Energy
Something happens over at the headquarters of Stinky Records, perhaps spiking the water cooler, or the vision from the top, but each release that hops out of this mighty little label is interesting and experimental and just plain fun – music for the sake of being into music. GRAM RABBIT’s record is a complete experience, from start to finish. A record to buy and then go tell your friend’s about.
GRAM RABBIT – Music To Start A Cult To – Stinky Records.

19. THE DIRTY PROJECTORS – (Throw On) The Hazard Lights
Describing the record as an album about shrubs at the edge of a parking lot, main man Dave Longstreth put out this double album on Western Vinyl and Happy Birthday To Me Records, and it is about that strange and abstract. Here, this art collective is backed by a ten-piece chamber orchestra (called The Orchestral Society for the Preservation of the Orchestra), do I need to elaborate?
THE DIRTY PROJECTORS – Slaves’ Graves & Ballads – Western Vinyl Records.

20. WHYSALL LANE – The Way Back
San Francisco’s WHYSALL LANE is a new band that is just getting started. Consisting of brothers Richard and James Baluyut of VERSUS and featuring Sooyoung Park of SEAM, they are starting to make waves outside of the Bay area. They just played a date with MISSION OF BURMA at the Fillmore, you’ll hear plenty more about them going forward.
WHYSALL LANE – Demo – No label.

21. THE RIDERS – Take Away
Back to back months on FUTURE SOUNDS you ask (ok, maybe you didn’t ask)?? Well, the band sent me their demo with a new track on it, and it jumped out as one of the best songs I’ve heard all month. Apparently it is their set closer at times, makes everyone drive home feeling all fuzzy and warm. Kind of like ‘Easy’ by THE COMMODORES or early ELTON JOHN. Here’s another band that if you know now, you can brag later about after they appear everywhere for years and years to come. Needs: Booking, legal, management, and a label deal.
THE RIDERS – The Riders Demo – No label.


It’s always tough to limit myself to one CD’s worth of new tunes in a given month. Here are some others that are worth checking into:

JEFFREY LUCK LUCAS – track: anything off of Hell Then Divine. This guy sounds like West Texas, like CALEXICO gone David Lynch. From San Francisco, this guy has a rich, aged voice that isn’t fad or hip, just genuine and real. Needs: Legal, label deal.

THE GUILTY PARTY – track: Lapse. San Francisco’s TGP are wonderful, that is if you love dark, NICO-lead VELVET UNDERGROUND fans. Excellent band.

THE BIG SLEEP – track: Fast B. Members of THE HONG KONG plus some blonde chanteuse frontlady make up this NYC band that is artful and tasty and howling. Needs: Everything but talent.

ON! AIR! LIBRARY! – track: Faltered Ego. Great music, another cool NYC band with roots in post-punk-no wave- goth. Like BAUHAUS and MASSIVE ATTACK. Album out now on Arena Rock Recordings.

LAURA VEIRS – track: Cloud Room. Seattle new-folk chickie that blows away ALANIS.

DEATH FROM ABOVE – track: Romantic Rights. More cool art rock, dirty and bass heavy. Canada’s DFA put this out on Sound Virus Records. Look into it if you want to freak out on something new.

THE CINEMA EYE – track: What You Die For. Like a crazy PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES, with more electronic insanity. Another really cool release from Sound Virus Records.

THE NEW YEAR – track: Chinese Handcuffs. BEDHEAD lives! This release on Touch & Go Records has been one of the ‘coolest’ records I’ve heard all month.


THE KILLERS’ Hot Fuss is now out in the world. It finished its first week in the UK at #6 and just popped it’s head out in the US on the 15th. They are playing the Jimmy Kimmel show, Pepsi Smash, and are headed to Glastonbury, T in The Park, and the Fuji Rock Fest in Japan.

Early reviews are coming in regarding the upcoming TIME IN MALTA release, Alone With The Alone, and we’ve yet to encounter a bad review. They hit the road with BELOVED, TSUNAMI BOMB, and SICK OF IT ALL for the next few months, as well as playing HELLFEST this summer.

THE DRAMA are heading out to Chicago for MOBFEST, where they will be playing at The Subterranean, before returning to The Hearse in Berkeley to finish up songs for their debut record with Jeff Saltzman.

DAVID HOPKINS will be in Los Angeles a number of times leading up to his 5 week Ireland and the UK tour this September. New tracks from the ongoing studio sessions will find their way on upcoming future sounds, but they are amazing!

MINT CHERRY, a new arrival to the FROM THE FUTURE family from New York City, recently wrapped up a week in the studio in Chicago. Five new songs that are getting mixed and polished should be ready for your ears soon enough. Think Sympathy For The Devil- Stones meets MOBY.


Call me nostalgic, but I still enjoy each new release from SONIC YOUTH. Their latest, Sonic Nurse (Geffen) picks up where Murray Street left off, making their 19th release very memorable.***Have you purchased that COMMUNIQUE record, Poison Arrows yet? What are you waiting for, do it now. ***I’ve heard the demos for this band from the UK called APARTMENT, and the three songs are incredible. The singer has a voice that is stunning. I had to promise not to put the songs up, as they are trying to develop on their own speed, but if someone slips on this one, they won’t have a choice. *** If you have never had the pleasure of hearing ARTO LINDSAY, do yourself a big favor, go out and buy any of his solo records. His latest, Salt, was just released on Righteous Babe Records and will fill any AL fan’s fix for new material.*** I also heard a very interesting new project called NOVATONE. From Seattle, they are a mini all star Seattle supergroup. I’m just waiting for mastered demos and you’ll be hearing them in FS15. *** RAY CHARLES – R.I.P.
*** If you really dig something on this list, especially the unsigned artists, send me an email with some comments, as I share them with the bands/artists and the feedback is extremely helpful. -- email me @ larry@fromthefuture.org

***I strongly encourage you to go out and BUY these artists if you like what you hear. Support the arts.***
Accepting demos and new releases – send them to:
Larry Little c/o From The Future Management, LLC. - 3872 24th Street - San Francisco, CA 94114


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