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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The June edition of THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES takes place this evening at 3 Clubs in Hollywood and features 3 local bands with bright futures, a special guest DJ and free admission.

CHASING KINGS are bringing it home tonight and we can't wait to see them tear up the backroom of 3 Clubs. Sincere key-laden indie pop at its finest, CHASING KINGS excel in crafting classic melodies coupled with memorable hooks. From what we've been hearing their gathering new fans along the tour this week and must be caught before they blow up at the Also I Like to Rock summer series at The Hammer Museum next month.This quartet are now bondafide members of the FS family and we wouldn't have it any other way.

"Chasing Kings sound like a younger Kings Of Leon....really good songwriters. And they’re bloody talented." -Me And All My Friends

Filling the middle slot, we're stoked to have GAMBLE HOUSE, Grizzly Bear esque rockers that have been attracted major attention in LA, even nabbing a spot at Aquarium Drunkard's Waved Out Fest earlier this Spring. This LA based band has delivered
an album so deep and rich it feels like an old friend. Check out the gorgeous track, "Bonny Doon!"

"Full of haunting melodies, and magical surrealism, Gamble House incorporates meticulous instrumentation and complex arrangements, creating large, dynamic shifts, with intricate vocal harmonies, and a mixture of electronics, woodwinds, and acoustic and electric elements." - Beatcrave

Rounding out the bill, we have Inland Empire based trio, FRANCISCO THE MAN! Fresh off their spot at The Silverlake Jubilee and the release of their their new five-song EP, "With Friends Like You," they are a must see! We can't get enough of their newest track,"Do You Remember."

"The five-song collection’s guitar squalls and big grooves take the band’s garagey psych-folk to a bigger place, where youthful yearning blares across the landscape." - Buzz Bands LA

On the turntables is a man with some golden ears - DJ GOLDEN SUGAR BEAR. He's tipped us off on more great bands than anyone over the years and he'll be holding things down on the decks as well as broadcasting live on his pirate radio station. Stay tuned for a tweet on what frequency you can pick it up on sometime before the show starts.

The Rumble: Los Angeles is brought to you by a collective that believes in helping young bands become bands that can sustain themselves and start a career and consists of Future Sounds, BMI, Buzzbands.LA and The Planetary Group. The Rumble is FREE.

3 CLUBS is located at 1123 Vine Street (x Santa Monica Blvd)

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