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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It seems that almost every week a new blog-praise, wave-riding band from New York City is mentioned as ‘One To Watch.’ It’s true that the city does foster a scene better than most, but it is, at times, a near-exhausting conversation between critics and fans regarding the hype. To credit the ‘new band’ accolade, I present New York five-some ASA RANSOM as one that you can take my word for in place of the next five ‘it band’ mentions you hear, because, truth is, I think they are just that good.

The group, which consist of Jacob Bills (vocal/guitar), Daniel Boivin (drums), Darryl Specht (bass/vocal) and long-time friends Bobby Gray (piano/vocal) and Ryan Sartin (percussion) had roots in their college town of Marion, Indiana, but after their “school banned the playing of their dangerous music, the three moved to New York,” and started Asa Ransom in 2008. Having since recorded two EP’s (2009's The Gold EP is available for free on their website) and amassed quite the tour schedule under their collective belts, the band have managed to create an unsigned buzz that's totally worth the hype.

Their dreamy melodies that fall over you like some bedroom-pop version of Arcade Fire under cabaret lights. Oozing with a sort of sophistication, the tunes drift through the snake-charmer guitar jangles ("Two Invitations") and the come-hither lyrics that seem to emulate deep in the back of some Middle Eastern bar where everyone wears pinstripes, fedoras and bow ties, but in a cool, "we are from New York" sort of way.

The "The Gold EP" is available for free on their website - HERE

The below pics are from their recent Spaceland set in Los Angeles, supporting Hockey. My thought's on the show? Here's a tweet from that night.

Posted by Matt Draper



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