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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Tonight at The Echo it's someone we've been a fan of since first catching the bug last year - DEASTRO. If you haven't heard them yet, think POSTAL SERVICE meets MAPS with a touch of SUFJAN. The Detroit based electronic leaning duo will be playing with MAX TUNDRA this evening and we had a chance to catch up with them before the show and ask some questions:

FS: You are rolling into LA for a show with MAX TUNDRA at The Echo in support of your album, 'Moondagger', how's the tour been so far? What was the high point so far?

DEASTRO: A O K ... THE _-_- hiGH pOinT so far for me has been playing in Montreal. The people we stayed with were great people. We stayed up talking about our cities and how great it was that the Canadian government invested so heavily in the arts. Me and Adam (the other guy in the band) were inspired by the difference it seems to make in their country.

FS: Deastro hails from Detroit, a city known as much for its raw power and garage as it is for it's techno and house. Is that where you pull your electronic vision for?

DEASTRO: I didn't really listen to music growing up other than Christian music. I started listening to music a lot when I was 19.

FS: We hear all these horror stories about the condition of the Motor City these days, but I also hear about all these artists moving to Detroit to rebuild it from a creative standpoint. Which is more accurate - desperation or creativity?

DEASTRO: I would say it is both, people are positive everywhere about rebuilding the city but it I am not saying there aren't times when people aren't desperate.

FS: I rarely ever ask an artist to let us in on the meaning of the lyrics to a song, but with 'Biophelia', it really begs this question. Can you elaborate?

DEASTRO: It is pretty personal I don't know if I should. We went through a really rough time in each others lives together.

FS: What's the story with "Tree Frog", it's so inspiring and uplifting, why was it a bonus track to the album?

DEASTRO: I wanted to cheer someone up. I put it on the album because we needed one for the label and I wanted people to hear the stuff I had always made.

FS: "Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed In The Heart With The Moondagger By The King Of Darkness And His Ghost Is Writing This Song As A Warning To All Of Us" - Long song title, but in it hides "Moondagger" - again, there seems to be a story waiting for this track and album theme? Do you mind sharing it with us?

DEASTRO: In that song I was just trying to use the absurd to make it easier to talk about some things that I am sad about and I wish I could just change.

FS: Future Sounds is forever in search of the next Deastro, bands and artists in every town in every state and country that are unknown today, can you tip us off about some bands that need a shout out or that everyone should know about?

DEASTRO: There is a band called redtom from MI, they have a song called when she's lonely that I really like. www.myspace.com/onewordredtom

FS: Thanks again for your time, we look forward to your set at The Echo.

8:30pm / $10 advance, $12 Day of Show / 18+

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