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Friday, August 07, 2009


Thanks to everyone that came out last night to help us celebrate our first year at 3 Clubs in Hollywood for THE RUMBLE: LOS ANGELES. The entire 3 Clubs staff couldn't be any nicer or gracious...we just received some great shots from Ryan Suffern from the evening, check it....

CHIEF were absolutely brilliant. 3 part harmonies that give Fleet Foxes a run for their money, and probably some of the nicest, most genuine cats around. Their set was mesmerizing, as if CSN&Y were playing a private show in your living room. Can't wait for their record to drop this fall.

Speaking of harmonies and songs chalked full of melody, PRINCETON brought their A game and their thirst (we knocked down a few cans) to the Rumble. They told us they are about to go back out on the road with RA RA RIOT again.

Opening up we all got a glimpse of that allusive animal we've all been hearing about, playing little shows around town, growing a fanbase, building a quick mysticism about them - CHEETAHSAURUS from Ventura, CA. We also found out that frontman, Wyatt, formerly fronted THE COLOUR, a band we featured back in the glory days on FS13. Duely impressed.

Finally, a big thanks goes out to FIRESTONE BREWING, who provided all the free beer during the Rumble-Pre Party with the A2IM, BMI and RM64 folks.

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