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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Now you can listen to WOXY.COM, and by connection you can then listen to the FUTURE SOUNDS on WOXY radio show, anywhere and any time, as we've just launched the WOXY Iphone app. In addition to playing both the WOXY Live and WOXY Vintage channels, the WOXY Radio app will display the artist and title of the currently playing song and automatically adjusts to work over WiFi, 3G and EDGE. This is just the very beginning, as rev.2 of this baby will allow you to listen to shows on demand. At this point, do you really need terrestrial radio in your town to be good? Plug it in while you're in your car and have indie music whenever you want it.

Grab it for your 4th of July weekend so you'll have the tunes and so you can listen on the go to Monday's FS on WOXY Lounge Acts session with CHAIRLIFT (3pm PST).

Download it for FREE HERE in the Itunes App Store

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