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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


On yesterday's radio show on Little Radio, the band that was featured in the 'INTRODUCING..." segment is a band called HOT SPRINGS from Montreal, Canada. Fronted by the unforgettable voice of Giselle Webber, the 4-piece has roots deep in punk rock, but Webber has also spent time singing over old jazz records to create a sound that is definitely her own. Part MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND, part MACY GREY on acid, Giselle's voice could easily pull off a great cover of 'Love Removal Machine' one moment, before coming out acoustically and dropping 'Strange Fruit'. Their full length came my way, "Volcano", and its top to bottom strong and one that will be on my 'Best Of' list when the year ends I'm sure. They are playing the NXNE festival coming up in Toronto, and the online chatter is a plenty on them. Check out "Headrush" if you get the chance - it howls!!

DOWNLOAD "Headrush" (mp3)


Other debut artists making it onto the playlist this week:

SLEEPMASK - "Voudou"
FROM: Los Angeles
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/sleepmask

Led by the vision of Ming Vauze, this concept turned reality has roots in BRMC and LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES. Shoegazy, dreamy and dark.

REPEATER - "No Single Lover"
FROM: Long Beach

For fans of EDITORS or LONGWAVE, the LBC's REPEATER have recently finished "Iron Flowers" and play tonight at CLUB MOSCOW.

BODEGA GIRLS - "She's Into Black Guys"
FROM: Boston


Thanks to Lanie on this one for turning me onto this freak unit from Boston. Mix SUGAR & GOLD with NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB and you're starting to knock on the door of this act.

THE AGE OF ROCKETS - "Elephant & Castle"
FROM: New York City
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/theageofrockets

The immediate sounds of DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE and THE POSTAL SERVICE will come to mind when listening to TAOR full-length, "Hannah". Full sounding and gorgeous.

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Blogger Jeremy said...

hot springs, sleepmaks, the repeater, all on regular rotation now. You just keep turning up the goodness.

2:15 PM  

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