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Sunday, May 25, 2008


So Future Sounds is fortunate that it has over 400 of the best scouts in the world helping filter music, but one source that never ceases to deliver amazing acts, one after another is SUGAR BEAR.

Sugar Bear has the golden ears, and this time he turned me onto two bands that I've been playing more than anything over the last week and I want to share.


I've been playing BAC each week since receiving their demo files on the FS radio show, and "Kick The Funk" has even been the my Jam of the Week. Sounding like THE STONE ROSES or THE CHARLATANS, calling their blend of the Madchester sound, "Madhattan". Can't imagine this band not taking off in the UK.

Download "Shake It Loose" (mp3 courtesy of The Run Down)


FROM: Brooklyn, NYMYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/theamazingbaby

Brooklyn four-piece AMAZING BABY is the latest delivery and as I understand it, one member was formerly in previous FS26 band, LIONS & TIGERS ("Zaire"). Amazing Baby some compare to ROXY MUSIC, but I'm feeling SUEDE. Track "Head Dress" has been on constant rotation since arrival but I can tell that "Supreme Being" is going to snag me as well as it gets kinda SPIRITUALIZED.

Download "Head Dress" (mp3 courtesy of Sound Bites)

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