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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So in case you missed it last night, FILM SCHOOL returned after a 13 month layoff and dropped a set of almost entirely new songs off HIDEOUT at their SOLD OUT show at Spaceland in Silverlake. The new line-up played with confidence and the vocal addition from Lorelei Plotczyk sounded gorgeous and lush. A wall of sound rolled out on us, complete with horns, and buzz saws, and sirens. We got some classic older tracks in the encore, as the band seemed genuinely happy about the opportunity to show off their new toys. The hardworking, and hard rockin' PELA threw down a set that would make BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN proud, as their frontman puts in a workin' man's day at work and reminds me of CONSTANTINES or even at times GUIDED BY VOICES. It was great to hear "Lost To The Lonesome" live finally for me.

It feels like old times as I jump in the van with the clan and hit the road north to San Francisco tonight for a homecoming of sorts at THE joint - BOTTOM OF THE HILL. SF listers, get your tickets early, I think this one's going to sell out by afternoon.

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