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Thursday, June 21, 2007


In what will surely be an industry weasel fest, THE PRICKS play tonight at THE ROXY in Los Angeles. Rumor has it they've sat with plenty of label presidents in the past few weeks and the heavies should be out in force this evening. Why? For a band that has only played 15 shows. Well, two of those shows have been in LA, and both were sell outs at The Roxy, and kids are tattooing their logo on their necks.

Tonight @ The Roxy - 11PM
Good luck on the ticket front, this will sell out.


Blogger lldope said...

We’re not talking about when your pet dog licks his wee-wee every now and then. We’re referring to weasels chasing after L.A. rock band The Pricks (we laugh every time we say that). After some airplay on Modern Rock stalwart KROQ, the band drew a bevy of A&R reps to their packed show at the Roxy the week before last, and several label heads were reportedly in attendance. The band’s fusion of rock with a little bit of punk and a little bit of rap is right up the Modern Rock alley, and we’ve seen this picture play out before, so expect this to be the latest radio-driven bidding derby. We saw it earlier this year with a couple acts—and don’t forget about John Oszjaca and Wank back in the day. The newbie A&R folks out there pr

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