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Friday, January 19, 2007


I guess people just love to watch train wrecks, and some realize that bad press is good press. That must be the case in Parlaphone signing BABYSHAMBLES. Now, there is no question that Pete Doherty is a talented guy. I remember seeing THE LIBERTINES at 3pm in a tent at Coachella their first time to the US, and still remember that set of music today. I even really liked the Babyshambles tracks, putting 'Kilimanjaro' on FUTURE SOUNDS 18. But then it was straight tragedy after tragedy. Drug bust after drug bust. Stupid press stunt after stupid press stunt. And Kate Moss (well, that could be points on the good side). Like a joke that was never funny, continuing to be told again and again and again, Pete's drug use and arrests went from boring me, to annoying me, to wondering why anyone cares. So now, Parlaphone has rewarded this band with a $1.5 million deal, to basically grab lots of headlines and miss half their shows due to wild nights and wild afternoons. My English friends, please tell me why this guy continues to charm you in such a way?? Are you desperate to have your own Kurt Cobain, and you sniff someone about to do something horrible so you can say you were down since way back? Puzzling.....


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