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Friday, July 21, 2006


Maybe it's because it's so damn hot and the fact that I have no air conditioner in my car, but driving across this city - LA- you hear nothing but crap on the radio. Since my iPod broke (again) and some band's demo got stuck in my cd player (press those stickers on before you send them out!), I've had to resort to FM radio for the last few weeks, and today I've had it. KROQ - SUCKS! I mean, we've heard Green Day before. We've heard The Offspring before. Nine Inch Nails again??? I think they must play the Red Hot Chili Peppers every half hour. Or what's even worse, this horrible brand of music that has replaced Nu Metal > emo-hardcore-punk-noise. It's your Fall Out Boy - AFI - Blue October - Taking Back Sunday - Dashboard Confessional - Hawthorn Heights. At least the 80's sounding bands occassionally had something you could latch onto. There are so many of these bands out there now I have no idea how anyone can tell them apart. It's like going to the Vans Warped Tour now, 80 of the same band - one after another. I know it's a "myspace thing" but come on now, are kids that stupid these days?? Hey, go see them live and they'll probably throw their guitars around their back and jump around while they play the whole show - that's cool!

INDIE 103.1 isn't a whole lot better. At least it's less of the Fall Out Bands. They have some interesting programming - Jonesy's Jukebox and interview new bands, so at least sometimes you get something interesting and new and not manufactured by some fat head from Hits telling us what kids like.

Of course everyone says KCRW is real, but lately it seems to me like a station for 30 somethings that still wanna seem hip and think listening to Death Cab For Cutie makes them edgy. I like Nic Harcourt and all, but for all the bowing down that goes on to him, I'm not sure what makes it through his "filter" is so amazing. The guy does have great taste sometimes, but passes on great bands for the likes of Peter Yorn and Thievery Corporation. Besides, those full page ads of him for KCRW in the Weekly is a little much for a DJ. I find myself enjoying NPR anyway when the music isn't on, because there is only so much world music and
electronica I can take in this heat.

I keep trying the hip hop stations (ala Power 106), and I can't seem to find enough on it to stay. I dig Mary J Bliege and that Carrie song ("Me and You"), but 'Hips Don't Lie' (Shakira Shakira) 5 times an hour is a little much. I don't know what the hell happened to hip hop but Ludicris sucks. It boggles my mind how that guy is as big as he is - and his acting?? Uh, ok, play yourself AGAIN in this movie. Lots of range. Make another energy drink and do the same video again for us why don't ya.

The reggaeton thing I will probably never get, and that's fine, it isn't meant for me, but it sure is on every other station when you're scanning the dial while crossing LA.

So I end up getting stuck on JACK FM - where at least I'm surprised occassionally or amused by some dumb ol song that actually had a hook. That or the oldies station, some Beatles, some Who, some Count Five. It's the damn heat I tell you that throws you off, makes you uptight, impatient, makes you get way way out there to turn left when the light turns red.

Silence never sounded so good.


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This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.

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