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Friday, June 16, 2006


FINALLY, this should've gone out a month ago. Subscribers, check your mailboxes at the start of next week:

1. AFROBOTS – Dulce Riot
Their Myspace description comes close to grasping their diversity; “Neneh Cherry and HR from Bad Brains making love and having a baby grimmier than Shabba Ranks”. Los Angeles’ AFROBOTS blend house music with hip-hop, and then with indie rock and roll into something that will easily crossover. Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, the band is built around Rico Dolce Riot, who looks like a lost member of TV ON THE RADIO. Look for a focused release, with help from producers Tony Kanal, DJ Lethal and Josh Abraham, on the soon to come effort on Pulse Recordings. For fans of GORILLAZ, this one is going to be MASSIVE, mark my words.
AFROBOTS – Demos - Pulse Recordings.

2. MATTAFIX – Big City Life
Released last year in the UK, it’s still just catching on in places like Joe Whiley, Pete Tong and the Zane Lowe show on Radio1. For fans that like THE STREETS, the London based duo named MATTAFIX, offer something altogether different in this glimpse into everyday life in the UK. That being said I have no idea why this hasn’t found it’s way to KROQ in the States for rotation, the song is a gem. Too bad that US radio is so slow on injecting new life into our tired formats; this shouldn’t be a Europe only sensation. Booking: ITB. Publishing: Stage Three Music.
MATTAFIX – Signs Of A Struggle – Buddhist Punk Records/Virgin France.

Blogging is actually breaking artists now like never before (See ACTIC MONKEYS/GNARLS BARKLEY) and this month’s hype is built - rightfully so - around 20 year old LILY ALLEN from London. Coming through to capitalize on the groundwork already created by acts like M.I.A./LADY SOVEREIGN/THE STREETS, Lily adds her touch of ‘Ska-pop’ to produce the perfect London summer song. Added to radio playlists everywhere, this one is hot for now.
LILY ALLEN – LDN Single – Regal Records.

4. THE INFADELS – Girl That Speaks No Words
This one isn’t that new actually, but I’m pretty amazed at how an album this good went virtually unnoticed, especially in the US. The Brits at least have recognized it and the likes of Zane Lowe and others have started to spin it, and they did get into COACHELLA and are out on the road with HARD FI, so I’m hopeful these guys get their due. The album is solid from start to finish, a rarity it seems in releases recently. Management: Purple Fox Management. Booking UK: Alex Hardee - The Coda Agency. Booking US: Gerry Gerrard - Chaotica Agency.
THE INFADELS – We Are Not The Infadels – Wall Of Sound.

FROM THE FUTURE MANAGEMENT is proud to announce the latest addition to the family: San Francisco’s EVERY MOVE A PICTURE. You may remember them from FUTURE SOUNDS 16, but they’ve come along way from those early demos to their soon the be released, July 15th, full length set to drop on V2 Records. Here they take a crack at the War, Bush and the Big Brother-NSA era he has created. Upcoming dates on the West Coast, at LIVE 105’s BFD, and US dates with THE RAKES and ELECTRIC SIX this summer. Booking US: Larry Webman, Little Big Man. Booking UK: Ed Stringfellow, The Agency Group.
EVERY MOVE A PICTURE – Heart=Weapon – V2 Records

6. APARTMENT – Fall Into Place
Another former FUTURE SOUNDS 16 band, London’s APARTMENT have been busy in the studio creating a collection of songs altogether different from anything anyone else is doing. Here is just a taste of what’s to come with Fall Into Place, it’s almost like classic DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS, while other tracks from these sessions have the grandness of QUEEN, the sophistication of ROXY MUSIC, and the voice of JEFF BUCKLEY. A mastering job away from finishing their soon to be released CD on their very own Fleet Street Records. Management: Kuba Music. Booking: Justin Hirschman, Artist Group International.
APARTMENT – New Demos – Fleet Street Records

7. NERINA PALLOT – Everybody’s Gone To War
A hit is a hit, and this one has all the obvious signs of a radio hit. Unless the Adult Top 40 people respond in DIXIE CHICKS-like fashion due to this song’s outright anti-war content, you’ll hear this one alongside SHERYL CROW and TRAIN everyone very soon. She’s backed by producers like Joey Waronker and Jon Brion, and will be heading out to play dates like the V Festival and other summer festivals in Europe, she’s already done extensive UK touring with the likes of Suzanne Vega, Joseph Arthur, Missy Higgins, Paddy Casey and Sheryl Crow. Funny enough, she’s from New Jersey (living in London) and loves JONI MITCHELL & CAROL KING. Top 40 debut on UK Singles chart this week. Publishing: Chrysalis Music Publishing UK.
NERINA PALLOT – Fires – 14th Floor Records

8. THE NOISES 10 – Horse Latitudes
Formerly known as Jason Scavone and The Noises 10, here are THE NOISES 10 from Charlotte, North Carolina. You can tell why Jason had his name up front immediately – what a voice! Formed in 2004 as a solo project, Jason found ‘The Noises 10’ down south and then set out to create their self released album, There’s An Elephant In The Room. This track is made for Modern Rock this instant. They’ve developed their act regionally and are now primed for something more. Management: Andy Johnson Noise Management. NEEDS: Booking.
THE NOISES 10 – There's an Elephant in the Room – No label.

9. THE DYKEENIES – Waiting For Go
With a voice like the one singer Brian Henderson has, it’s no surprise that when like this one is leaked on the Internet (Waiting For Go), your first show sells out in Glasgow. Like a more straight forward sounding COHEED & CAMBRIA, THE DYKEENIES have a sense of excitement bubbling under the surface and are getting tons of looks from all over the industry, which should result in some big announcements in the coming months. Management: Jeni Raskin.
THE DYKEENIES – Demos – No label.

New York trio, EARL GREYHOUND, wear their influences on their sleeves: ZEPPELIN, T REX - Very LED ZEPPELIN indeed > that banshee cry (aaaahhhhh)- that sound - it’s all in there. Built around singer/guitarist Matt Whyte, who likes to share vocal duties with bassist these three-piece likes to bring it hard and heavy. Still a young band but starting to get a lot of industry attention. Needs: Booking.
EARL GREYHOUND – Demos – Some Records.

11. BAND OF HORSES – The Funeral
Hopefully, by now, a true friend of yours has turned you onto this track by BAND OF HORSES. The Funeral is one of those triumphs, those songs that you put on in the car and turn up as load as your speakers can handle. No surprise here at it’s inclusion onto FUTURE SOUNDS, the song needs to have some widespread recognition for it’s greatness. On tour currently in the US this summer, finishing up with the Pitchfork Festival. Booking: Robin Taylor, Inland Empire Booking. Management: Marcus Lalario, Paper Bag Management.
BAND OF HORSES – Everything All The Time – Sub Pop Records.

12. BELLES WILL RING – The Coldest Heart
A six-piece outfit from Sydney Austrlia that sounds like THE BYRDS? That would be BELLES WILL RING, a song that was in such heavy rotation I hear it in my dreams at night. The album is due some time in mid-late 2006 in Australia, but here’s a chance for the rest of the world to get in early and bring it home. Psychedelic rock, fuzzy, trippy, breathtaking in my opinion. I’m told their live show brings it all together. Here’s one for you music supervisors everywhere. Needs: Management, booking.
BELLES WILL RING – Demonstration – Architecture Label.

Since getting this amazing demo in the mail, I see BILLBOARD has caught wind and set up a showcase for them in NYC. Describing themselves as “conjuring up Edith Piaf on a Ouija board at Blur's house”, I think they are pretty dead on with that. For this group of songs they worked with the likes of Dan Long (FATALES) and Dave Sitek (TV ON THE RADIO, YEAH YEAH YEAHS). This is shoegazin’, MBV type ooze and one of the most haunting lines to a lover ever “I don’t know why you still care cause I don’t”. Brilliant. Needs: Booking, Management.

14. EL PERRO DEL MAR – I Can’t Talk About It
Sounding like something straight out of PHIL SPECTOR’S Wall Of Sound, I Can’t Talk About It, is easily the most striking song on this month’s comp. Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, EL PERRO DEL MAR is actually just one person, the imaginary Sarah Assbring, This one is begging for music supervision placements everywhere, the entire self-titled CD is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Buy this record now. Management, Filip Wilén, Bud Fox Management. Booking: Robin Sumptin.
EL PERRO DEL MAR – El Perro Del Mar – Memphis Industries.

15. THE LITTLE ONES – Lovers Who Uncover
Here’s another band with plenty of blog buzz that hopes to make that jump into something substantial. Los Angeles’ THE LITTLE ONES are being compared to THE SHINS, which automatically puts you in good company. A band with a brief tour history, they are spreading their wings on the west coast currently and will be playing the Bowery Ballroom in NYC in June. Booking: Jackie Nalpant, Monterey Peninsula Artists.
THE LITTLE ONES – Sing Song EP- Branches Recording Collective .

16. THE VLA’S – Terra Firma
Powered by Jason Rabe’s HUGE voice, THE VLA’S are a three piece originally from New York, now living in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to get to sneak some of the early sessions out of their current recording effort but this collection of songs are as bold and seasoned and will get plenty of attention once it’s shopped. For fans of EDITORS and INTERPOL. Management: Steven Oritt. Needs: Booking, legal.
THE VLA’S – Demos – No label.

Los Angeles’ GABRIEL MANN is a singer songwriter that should have the word ‘songwriter’ underlined. He writes music for the TV series, GREY’S ANATOMY, and his solo work fills the likes of places like the HOTEL CAFÉ whenever he graces the stage. Like a young STEVE WINWOOD, his stage presence commands attention and his gift at writing timeless, classic pop hooks should bring this newly completed batch of songs a proper home soon enough. Needs: Management, booking.
GABRIEL MANN – Demos – No label.

18. BUCHANNAN – All Hell Breaks Lose
Jay Buchannon is one of those guys that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. His abilities are undeniable, just catch a live set in Los Angeles with him and his band- BUCHANNAN, and you will witness something special. His first strong release had momentum stop when his label went under, and so now he’s dusted off and is handing over new material, like this EP, that already has him playing private shows at Randy Jackson’s house in LA. Jay is heading out on the road for a full US tour with RYAN CABRERA. Needs: Management, booking.
BUCHANNAN – True Love EP – No label.

19. JON AUER – Six Feet Under
Last but not least, it’s a very special singer songwriter that you should know from THE POSIES and for his work in BIG STAR: <JON AUER. Taking five years to exercise the demons contained in this powerful solo effort, you get an inside look into some dark times of divorce and painful times. Jon is currently out in support of ‘Songs From The Year Of Our Demise’ across America and the record has gotten extreme reviews from the likes of THE BIG TAKEOVER and PITCHFORK. Management: From The Future. Booking: Kevin French, Bigshot Touring.
JON AUER – Songs From The Year Of Our Demise – Pattern 25 Records.



FILM SCHOOL – Many have read about the band’s troubles in Philadelphia pre-SXSW, where their van and gear were stolen in the middle of the tour, but with the help of many and with loaner gear, they finished their tour with THE CLOUD ROOM and had an amazing batch of shows at SXSW. The band had some benefit shows in San Francisco and then headed back out in the US for 33 days in May-June. Second single, ’11-11’, is released this week with their first ever music video. Thanks to all for their support through the disaster.

THE POSIES – The band, well some of them anyway, are enjoying some well-deserved time off, even though they still slipped in a week of dates in the Pacific Northwest. Live concert DVD shot in Helsinki, Finland due out this fall as well as shows in Japan in July with SHONEN KNIFE and their 20th anniversary tour. JON AUER is out on the road in support of his solo record (see above), as well as doing dates/festivals with Ken and BIG STAR this summer.

DAVID HOPKINS – Big news on the HOPKINS front – the Dublin crooner is getting married and moving to Los Angeles next month. He’s already recorded 4 new tracks in gearing up for his follow up to ‘Amber & Green’, which netted him two Irish Top 40 hits. Some big placements in TV and Film coming up this summer as well.

DUST & BLOOD – The band formerly known as THE DRAMA are about to resurface in Los Angeles as DUST & BLOOD. Getting close to putting a deal to bed that will have the talented Joe Gregory out on the road in support of an EP this fall. The new material is AWESOME!


I’ve been pretty busy since the last FUTURE SOUNDS, and in that time plenty of quality material has appeared, and I couldn’t make it all fit into one compilation. Some of my very favorite bands that got my attention recently are the following: **** If you’ve been on my blog at all, you would know that I love to sing the praises of the Los Angeles indie label, DANGERBIRD RECORDS. They sign great young bands that I believe all have big potential. You should know that I absolutely LOVE the band, SABROSA PURR, but some of their other acts are about to make some impact. The first is Dublin’s LA ROCCA – “The Truth” dropping on May 23. You may remember them from FUTURE SOUNDS 17, and the track ‘This Life’, which should get some radio love once this album comes out. Moments of early SPRINGSTEEN meet the pop of EVERCLEAR and to be honest, there is just something special about this band.**** On top of that, DANGERBIRD has recently signed another LA band that I love, DARKER MY LOVE. Look for their DBR debut to come out very soon, and it’s dark and full of JESUS & MARY CHAIN type juice. Congrats on this signing!**** Let’s not forget an amazing release that came out recently, PETER WALKER’s Young Gravity’ on Dangerbird. The track ‘What Do I know’ is as catchy as anything TED LEO has ever done. **** Heard an early single, complete with a screaming NEIL YOUNG-ish fuzz guitar, from THE SILENT LEAGUE called “Kings & Queens” that sounds really amazing – they’ll have a new LP out this fall on Something In Construction.**** On last month’s FUTURE SOUNDS I added the San Francisco workhorse, BIRDMONSTER. They’ve been drooled over by everyone since SXSW with help from the blog community, but they have since self-released a full-length record, No Midnight, and it showcases a band with amazing potential. **** Another act that is getting some online love that is translating to drawing crowds in New York is the band, THE DIGGS. Check out the track ‘Everybody’s Starting Over’ and you’ll get the picture fast. Their LP debut on Sugarspun Records titled, ‘Commute’ is available now on Itunes.**** WAXPLANET – UK act getting tons of attention over there, none yet over here, could line up on the FRANZ FERDINAND side of the sound fence. Although that isn’t the freshest sound these days, it’s more of a comparison in terms of energy behind it and pop sensibilities included. Check out the track “Turn Me Up”.**** Here’s another act getting plenty of ink and support in the UK and no recognition YET in the States - HOWLING BELLS – Their first two singles, “Low Happening” and “Setting Sun” make their Bella Union release something you really should pick up. ***** SOMA SONIC, the Canadian duo of Francois Paterson and Dominic Paterson are about to release their next music exploration called ‘Simplicity’ this month and the early tracks I’ve heard will be DJ favorites in clubs everywhere. **** IMAAD WASIF doesn’t just play on tour with the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, he’s also an artist who has recently put out a disc on Kill Rock Stars that is absolutely gorgeous. The self-titled, Imaad Wasif, is a joy to experience. ****

NEW STUFF - Some other notable releases worth checking out:
FLEEINGNEWYORK – EP (So Sweet Records)
GRAM RABBIT – Cultivation (Stinky Records)
MELLOWDRONE – Box (3 Entertainment)
LORENZO GOETZ – The Heavy EP (Self released)
THE PRIDS – ….Until The World Is Beautiful (Self released)

**** Other names to watch: Ride Theory, Russian Circles, Priscilla Hartranft, Sputnick Monroe, Shoplifting, Bright Space, Troy Van Balthazar, The Hundred Days, Butterfly Explosion, Echogram, Voodoo 6,

*** Please remember to buy music when you can - support the arts.


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