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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Back to the Future: RADIO BIRDMAN

I just read that one of the great Australian early punk bands, RADIO BIRDMAN, are currently in the studio working on an untitled album that is expected in stores in July. The band's official website also states that a US & Europe tours are planned for September and October of this year. These guys, along with THE SAINTS, lead the proto-punk scene downunder, with their version of the MC5-STOOGES kinda rock and roll. Radio Birdman remind me most of our very own FLAMIN' GROOVIES, a band that touched so many, but never commercially made a living.

If you need to play catch up, one amazing retrospective was released on Sub Pop in 2001 called, The Essential Radio Birdman

Listen to tracks like 'Murder City Nights', 'New Race' or 'Love Kills' to get things started.

RADIO BIRDMAN - http://www.radio-birdman.com/


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