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Thursday, July 07, 2005

An amazing artist: JEFFREY LUCK LUCAS

I think I've mentioned him in previous posts or in the FS newsletters, but I just received a 5 song home demo CD from a guy I like to think of as the country Leonard Cohen. His name is JEFFREY LUCK LUCAS and he sounds like he has lived about three lifetimes, kinda how you feel when you listen to Johnny Cash. He put out a record last year called, "Hell Then Divine" is currently distributed by Revolver and Darla, and can be purchased in the Bay area at Aquarius Records and Amoeba Records, and on-line at CDBaby.com and Towerrecords.com. These new tracks are pretty special - whiskey soaked, dust covered ramblings crafted well after midnight.

Upcoming shows:
Tuesday July 12th - City Sessions @ Club Waziema, SF, CA
Wednesday August 3rd - The Rickshaw Stop, SF, CA
Friday August 5th - The Starry Plough , Berkeley, CA
Saturday August 27th - The 12 Galaxies, SF, CA * Opening for Alejandro Escovedo