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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


1. FILM SCHOOL – On & On
Coming out of the box sounding bigger than INTERPOL’s ‘Evil’ - with a big U2 like bassline, ‘On & On’ is the first of many new treats that FILM SCHOOL has just laid down for their full length debut. I’m hoping to announce some good news on a home for the release very soon but expect the boys to hit the road to support it and make you a believer. Legal: Jonathan Blaufarb- Davis Shapiro. Booking: Kevin French- BigShot Touring.
FILM SCHOOL – LP – No label.

2. FOREIGN BORN – We Had Pleasure
Los Angeles’ FOREIGN BORN are getting so much hype down in Label Land that their ‘No label’ tag will probably be inaccurate by the time this hits you. The entire disc is excellent, very deep and well written and should have no problem spreading their fame past the West Coast this year. Managed by BreakdanceAmerica.
FOREIGN BORN – Demo – No label.

3. TEA FOR JULIE – Bebound

Portland’s TEA FOR JULIE is a three piece that everyone seems to describe as The Benz-era RADIOHEAD, but they sound more like THE LEMONHEADS if you ask me. Looks like they are wide open, no label, no management, nothing outside of some good ol’ fashioned Pacific Northwest hardwork.
TEA FOR JULIE – Division –No label.

4. LITTLE BARRIE – Free Salute
Now this band gets me excited! Almost like ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS (Tighten’ Up) with a dash of THE METERS. Produced by Edwyn Collins, this trio is lead by the tiny Barrie Cadogan, one amazing guitar player that has run with the likes of JOHNNY MARR, PAUL WELLER and MORRISSEY, before putting together this troupe. A crossover fusion of styles, this is music for a sunny Saturday afternoon throwing Frisbee.
LITTLE BARRIE – We Are Little Barrie – Artemis Records.

5. THE CRASH – Gigolo
Finland’s THE CRASH are something that is going to happen here sometime soon. One writer once said described them as “… like the party that would take place if ever Van Halen, Duran Duran and The Jackson 5 met in Wonderland”. I happen to think it sounds like MACY GRAY fronting the SCISSOR SISTERS, or a remake of a some forgotten BEE GEES gem. Management: Paul Cheetham at Religion Management.
THE CRASH – Melodrama – Warner Music Finland.

Brisbane, Australia’s WOLFMOTHER- another trio - is a real mother for ya. Last month I gave you BLACK MOUNTAIN, this time around I’m giving my stoner friends a glimpse at their new FU MANCHU. The EP sounds like some CREAM or SABBATH outtakes, heavy, loud, perfect. Their SXSW show was well received, better than JET.
WOLFMOTHER – Wolfmother EP – Modular Records.

7. MYSTERY JETS – Alas Agnes (I Have And And Always Will Adore You)
Any fan of THE CORAL or THE ZUTONS should take note of Eel Pie Island’s MYSTERY JETS. They just finished tours with BLOC PARTY and BRITISH SEA POWER, but remind me more of DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS than anything else. Recently championed by Steve Lamacq on Radio1, as well as some NME lovin’.
MYSTERY JETS – Demo - No label.

8. DOVES– Black And White Town
With a big Northern Soul meets ‘Heatwave’ groove, is this really the DOVES we’ve grown to know and love? The opening single off their latest effort, this could be the second coming of THE JAM’s ‘A Town Called Malice’. This song might cause me to get a speeding ticket, whizzing down the freeway.
Doves – Black And White Town – Capitol Records.

9. DEATHRAY – Please
Sacramento’s DEATHRAY are nothing new to the scene, they’ve been paying their dues for years (they used to be on Capricorn Records). But with this latest batch of songs recorded down in LA with producer Eric Valentine, they have nailed it. Screaming for a Hot AC hit, with that huge -“Please”- hook that you get after hearing it once.
DEATHRAY – LP#2 Preview – No label.

10. RUN RUN RUN – Skyscraper
Los Angeles’ RUN RUN RUN combine what you liked about LOVE & ROCKETS, RIDE and the best shoegazing bands to create their own formula. Their new 6 song e.p. comes out on Song&Dance Records on MARCH 29, 2005, but I pulled this from their first release. RunX3 is managed by Missy Worth of Artistic License. Legal: Richard Grabel.
RUN RUN RUN – Drizzle EP – No label.

11. THE BLOOD ARM – Do I Have Your Attention?
Whenever you are tapped by sOOper hip FRANZ FERDINAND to go on tour, you’ll probably get some industry attention beating down your doors. Finding more immediate loving with the Brits, they’ve been getting spins from Zane Lowe on Radio1 and Steve Lamacq on Radio1. Sounds a bit like THE STROKES to me, but blowin’ up nonetheless.
THE BLOOD ARM – Bomb Romantics Demo – No label.

12. WE ARE SCIENTISTS – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
Brooklyn’s WE ARE SCIENTISTS are yet another three piece that also had a massive buzz at SXSW this month, This band doesn’t take themselves so seriously, I mean they have songs like ”Mothra vs. We Are Scientists" and "Human Technology Will Render You Obsolete".
WE ARE SCIENTISTS – The Wolf’s Hour – No label.

13. A GUN CALLED TENSION – Gold Fronts
Perhaps one of the most interesting things I’ve come across this month, A GUN CALLED TENSION is actually just two guys; FREE ASSOCIATION’S Sean Reveron and THE MURDER CITY DEVILS/MODEST MOUSE’S Dann Gallucci. Sounding like a crazy side project from DJ SHADOW, you’ll be ahead of the hipsters if you claim AGCT now.
A GUN CALLED TENSION – A Gun Called Tension – Cold Crush Records.

14. SCISSORS FOR LEFTY – Ghetto Ways
San Francisco’s SCISSORS FOR LEFTY gets my vote for freakiest tune on this month’s comp. That little groove gets in my head and makes me dance in really embarrassing ways. Starting to draw crowds locally for their funky free-for-alls, their fans are rabid. Management: Joyce Williams. Needs booking, legal.
SCISSORS FOR LEFTY – Bruno – No label.

15. THE OCTOBER – Strangest Thing
OASIS anyone? Perhaps a good measure of KEANE? I don’t care whom they sound like; ‘Strangest Thing’ is really catchy. Based in Los Angeles, they’ve toured with TRAIL OF DEAD and MIDNIGHT MOVIES, and seem poised for bigger things. It’s too bad I hate the band name so much. A hit if it can find a home. Management: Wade Metzler.
THE OCTOBER – Demo – No label.

16. AUGUST ANCHOR – States Of Nakedness, Pt. 1
Another great voice fronting another three piece: AUGUST ANCHOR. From, of all places, Phoenix, Arizona, this band will sit well with fans of SUGOR ROS or even COLDPLAY. Pretty lush stuff here, unsigned I think they live in Seattle now.
AUGUST ANCHOR – August Anchor – No label.

17. THE FOXYMORONS – Harvard Hands
If there were an Alt Country version of THE POSTAL SERVICE, you’d get THE FOXYMORONS. The duo of David Dewese and Jerry James live in Nashville and Texas and put this record together over ‘the internets’. Is it just me or is this a JEFF TWEEDY side project cleverly disguised? The whole record is a gem, buy it.
THE FOXYMORONS – Hesitation Eyes – Heatstroke Records.

18. STARS – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
We all know that whole Toronto scene going on these days, and BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE spin-off STARS put together this masterpiece of a record, Set Yourself On Fire. If you don’t already own it, what are you waiting for? Amazing voices, strong songwriting, this album will show up on everyone’s year end lists. Gorgeous.
STARS – Set Yourself On Fire – Arts & Crafts Records.

19. MINT ROYALE – Little Words
First discovered by FATBOY SLIM years back, the UK duo of Neil Claxton and Chris Baker are now on every BBC playlist you can think of these days. I have no idea who the voice on this track is, but it is pure magic. For fans of THE AVALANCHES.
MINT ROYALE – See You In The Morning – Faith & Hope Records.


THE KILLERS – We broke the Top 10 in the US this week (#8) and after 39 weeks, HOT FUSS is still climbing! They just finished up the NME AWARDS TOUR and a trip through Japan, and are now making their way back into America for sold out shows at every stop. ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ was just released to Alternative radio while ‘Mr. Brightside’ is still moving up the Top 40 rankings.

FILM SCHOOL – The full length LP, a year in the making, has just been completed. They unveiled the new tracks during their performances at SXSW this month and activity is bubbling up. I gave you a taste of one of the new tracks in this month’s Future Sounds, but this record I guarantee will be a significant release in 2005.

DAVID HOPKINS – The mastering of David’s first official full length is about finished and will be ready for release on Reekus Records this summer. What you’ll hear is 13 of his biggest and deepest songs, all in one place. His tour is being set up (watch the website for dates) for this summer and should include some TV appearances and some festivals, so stay put.

THE DRAMA – A lot of secret stuff is brewing in the dark land of THE DRAMA. The trio has moved to the Sunshine State and are carefully staying out of the daylight in order to keep their vampire-like skin that sultry white color. They’ve just recorded two new tracks, and one of them, I SWEAR, will be a monster hit! When I can legally share it with you, I will. More to come….

New releases this month from bands you already know about, but that are still worth noting and purchasing.
SPOON are back, and all I know is that “I Turn My Camera On’ is as funky as anything BECK has ever released. What’s not to like about this band that keeps on staying relevant with every outing? **** You should remember MANDO DIAO from Future Sounds past (FS08), that band from Sweden with the BEATLE-esc hooks and vibe. Their new record, Hurricane Bar (EMI) is solid. Download: ‘You Can’t Steal My Love’. **** It doesn’t matter how many original members are still in QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, they still crush it. ‘Lullabies To Paralyze’ and that single, ‘Little Sister’ deliver everything you love about these gods. ***** It’s funny how you can have a #1 record in the UK and still can’t get arrested in the States sometimes. This is the case with the band, ATHLETE. Their latest effort is tasty from top to bottom and should be a hit record everywhere. Download: ‘Wires’. **** Another former Future Sounds unknown (FS10) that has now signed to a US major, the SHOUT OUT LOUDS have some momentum behind them now (Capitol) and their first single, ’Very Loud’ is amazing for crying out loud. **** I first got her demo way back in the day and all it seemed she had going for her was that she was somehow tight with THE STROKES. After listening to her fist single, ‘Us’, REGINA SPEKTOR doesn’t need anyone’s help anymore. What an amazing voice, and this song had better get some attention. Album: Soviet Kitsch (Sire).**** One of my favorite bands out there today, THE DECEMBERISTS have just released the follow up to “Her Majesty The Decemberists” with “Picaresque” (Kill Rock Stars) . With a vocabulary that can out duel even STEPHEN MALKMUS, they are the real deal. I hope the bastards that stole their gear at SXSW burn in hell for what they’ve done. ***** At first I started hearing all the hype behind this young, female MC, known as M.I.A. and I was put off a bit. Then, I saw the video to her amazing song, ‘Sunshowers’ and fell head over heels in love with the freshest sounding thing I’ve heard in some time.**** How great is THE FUTUREHEADS’ ‘Hounds of Love"???? **** Finally, and only because you can’t follow up after they go on, the new DEAD MEADOW CD is like a bat out of hell. Sludge rock never sounded so good. For fans of COMETS ON FIRE and water bongs. Check out “Feathers” on Matador.

**** Please send me your feedback on the unsigned artists, so I can share it with them - it could make the difference. -- email me @ larry@fromthefuture.org .

*** Please remember to buy music when you can - support the arts.

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