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Monday, June 28, 2004

Killers show review at KING TUT’S WAH WAH HUT, GLASGOW

Mon 28 Jun 2004

The Killers

Written by CAMILLA PIA

The Killers ****

WHILE there is something undeniably enjoyable about upbeat indie rock, I’ve always found its dark side infinitely more appealing. That is why Yes by the Manic Street Preachers will always be a better song than Australia for me, and I’d rather listen to Suede’s Dog Man Star than Coming Up.

For an unashamedly morbid music fan like me then, last night’s gig at King Tut’s was an godsend, and I wasn’t the only one revelling in the eloquent misery of the band as people crammed into the venue and went wild for both of them. Northampton’s dapper five-piece Departure were up first. . They dished out edgy music driven by tense guitars, frenetic rhythms and Ian Curtis-esque vocals, and look set to make a huge impact on the music scene before the year is out.

With melodrama in the air and a shadowy atmosphere set the Killers took to the stage, kicking off with Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine. The audience sang along with every word, while front man Brandon Flowers made for compelling viewing, all dramatic dances and camp hand gestures. He led the crowd in the Las Vegas foursome’s infectious tales of androgyny, murder and stalking, with the highlight coming in the form of funky chart smash Somebody Told Me, the perfect soundtrack to both bedroom boredom and indie discos. It even had the furrowed brows at the back cracking a smile and moving their feet in time.


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