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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


A set of great ears has been sending me tips on bands from READING (UK) recently, and with each one, I'm more and more impressed by what's happening in that town. Some good bands bubbling up over there and it won't be long before everyone knows about it.

First up, is the six piece known as HELLO WEMBLEY. If you're a fan of ART BRUT, or THE LIBERTINES, you'll like what they're throwin' down. Punky, trashy, a real garbage can of rock. Check out 'Great Britain' or 'Rock N Roll Spoon' on their Myspace page. I'm told they are like THE SEX PISTOLS fronting THE HAPPY MONDAYS. Unsigned.

A band that should've been on FS28 (label restrictions), KICKS, seem to have that perfect UK formula. Listen to 'Pounding Hard', part U2 and part KILLERS. All the earmarks on this one say a hit is on the way. Unsigned at the moment, but I've heard they are close on a big deal.

Ok, I've been posting OK TOKYO quite a bit lately, but they're worth it, and nice guys to boot.
Radio 1, Glastonbury, lots of buzz. Unsigned.

Another act that arrived this week is THE ENIGMA PROJECT. 18 year old kids, think Biffy/Muse/Coopers/Nirvana. My favorite track is "Kings & Queens" off their Scenes Of The 21st Century EP. Unsigned.

I've been reading quite a bit about PETE & THE PIRATES as well from over there. Quirky, bouncy, filled with wit and silliness. Stolen Recordings.

And it doesn't stop there, if you like these at all, there are plenty more - check out:

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Blogger Unknown said...

The bands you have listed rock for sure ...

And please don't forget the up'n'coming Reading County bands tho' - such as Jagged Lexicon

With eclectic influences they may be classed as funky rock and described as the UK Chili Peppers but they work to transcend genres and appeal across the board

They've got the crowd moving at every gig I've been to and I look forward to them playing bigger venues real soon

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed indeed - although I can guarantee that none of these bands will be as big as Reading's best kept secret "The Noyze". I've seen them a few times and they really are awesome live - their recorded stuff is pretty sweet!


Dave M

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good thing about the Reading scene is that it's far enough outside of London to avoid the over crowded scene of "too many bands - not enough talent".

Along side the Indie Rock & Pop you find the harder edged heavier rock of bands such as SonicOvermind (www.myspace.com/soncovermind) & Kamikaze Test Pilots (www.myspace.com/kamikazetestpilots). A wide spectrum that allows space for each bands own indetity & yet a close enough band community for everyone to get on. Which is nice.

3:52 AM  

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