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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


THE RUMBLE: PORTLAND pulls into Holocene this evening for this month's edition featuring two locals and the touring band - Chasing Kings. Our Portland friends - Pampelmoose, Music Millennium and Cravedog are the local hosts and the party is FREE.

Headlining the party is BLOOD BEACH, a haunting shoegazy lo-fi outfit originally from Texas, calling Portland home and recently opened for Smith Westerns at Backspace. Velvet Underground combined with heavy distortion.

Blood Beach is the weirdest. It is the new band from Tex Winters. It is folk music with psychedelic freak outs." - Crappy Indie Music

Speaking of creepy and weird (in the best possible way), check out this video....

Rolling in for night #2 of their 6 night run of Rumbles it's LA's CHASING KINGS. Without offending dozens of other 'nice' bands I've known over the years, these guys could actually be the nicest crew we've met. Singer Matt Schwartz posses that something extra, the kind of spark and God-given talent that only comes around once in awhile, and he could evolve into someone on the Chris Martin level - he's that good. Portland, support your locals but this is one out-of-towner we urge you to see.

Opening up are guys that we've quickly called 'friends' - PRIORY - a PDX four-piece calling themselves spacious folk rockers with touches of classic rock and soul with their debut scheduled to come out in June. Track “Devil vs. Heater” is sprawling number peppered with three part a cappella harmonies. Few bands have worked as hard as spreading the word, so if you already knew about tonight's party, you probably heard it from these boys. They have an EP that's just released and should be sitting on the counter of MUSIC MILLENNIUM for an easy pick-up (thanks Terry!).

Not only is the party FREE, but with TRUMER PILS beer specials all night, THE RUMBLE PDX easily trumps Taco Tuesday.

Holocene is located at 1001 Southeast Morrison Street

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12:38 PM  
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