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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our dear friends, THE BLACKS, have decided to turn out the lights. We've been lucky enough to feature them on a Future Sounds compilation CD and have them play our RUMBLE parties in SF and LA, and spend numerous nights in dark, dirty places, drinking and talking with these good people. Speculation ran wild, being a bi-coastal band, too much tambourine, wild drug use, etc etc, so the band put together THE BLACKS FAQ:

1. Why is the band breaking up?
JDK Blacker is quitting so we decided to disband. It wouldn't be the same without him. It wasn't even a question.

2. Why would JDK quit now, at the height of his tambourine powers?
It's complicated. After the tremendous hometown reception we got at the end of our US tour, he kind of felt like he'd peaked and had achieved everything he'd set out to as a member of The Blacks.

3. Are you mad?
No. We totally support his decision although we find ourselves crying spontaneously at the sound of garage rock songs.

4. What are the individual members of The Blacks going to do now?
JDK is working on lots of art projects and Gavin is considering law school. Luisa has immortalized The Blacks in a horror film she's writing and plans to take her revenge by starting a new band.

5. Don't you have a new record coming out?
Yes and it's cool. We're mixing it as we speak and releasing it on Tricycle Records. It'll be available at the show and on iTunes.

6. I don't know what to say.
Us either. Except we've loved every minute of it and will miss you horribly.

We'll miss you.......



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