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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I love seeing live music, a junkie that needs the fix on most nights of the week, and I am fortunate enough to see some good shows very often. Every once in awhile you happen across a performance that simply takes your breath away. Below is a video clip from a performance by JAY BUCHANAN, a guy that used to have a band that made nice music, but then ventured in the slipstream (between the viaducts of your dream), and came out sounding like VAN MORRISON meets DEVENDRA BANHART. Now I was once at a wedding where Jay sang "Wild Horses" by the Stones and it was another one of those single performances that will forever be remembered in my mind. It wasn't some SUNDAYS cover, this was taking control of the song and making it his own. Big words? Perhaps, but after watching this video for a new track called "The Wilderness", I think you'll see where this could go. This track hasn't been recorded yet, but should've been the theme song for "Into The Wild". Absolutely stunning!



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Blogger Red Sonya said...

I had a absolute delight of stumbling upon this performance and it did take my breath away. From the falsetto, the harmonies, the lyrics, the instrumentals, I was taken on a journey that I will not forget. I am so thankful to have been there. Now my question is where can I see more of them?

10:33 AM  
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What an interesting article but for a moment I thought it was referred to Mitch Buchanan the man who performed in Baywatch.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breathtaking. God speaks thru jay buchanan's lips.

8:45 PM  
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